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  1. Welcome back brother! is that mean you guys gonna start today or this coming sun which the new pick starts?
  2. I found a video http://www.news12.com/articleDetail.jsp?articleId=254845&position=1&news_type=news
  3. The MTA rejected a union offer of approximately $35 million a year in employee contributions that would have avoided laying off workers, the transit union chief told the Daily News. Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2010/06/27/2010-06-27_mta_nixed_our_bid_to_save_35m_and_jobs_sez_union.html
  4. so when is the 2nd wave? after the summer pick, when they need more buses to run school trips????
  5. can u post the pic? because i dont see it in UP
  6. for B/O, it's when you on your own driving the bus for the probation year. knowing that NO one gonna help you if anything happen. and if sh*t happens, you have to deal with yourself. do whatever it takes not to call the console (for help). because you know once you hit that button. even you didn't do anything wrong, it's on you.
  7. they should get rid of the unlimited metrocard. and stop the 10% give back on metrocard also. i hate people use the card for someone to get on the bus. like yea 'the ride is on me'. give me a break
  8. it looks like we might have a chance to see congestion pricing. since now the three amigos gonna support it:p
  9. http://www.ny1.com/1-all-boroughs-news-content/115614/espada-expresses-support-for-east-river-bridge-tolls State Senator Pedro Espada has come out in favor of tolls on some East River bridges. The majority leader now says he supports a $2 toll on the Brooklyn, Manhattan, Williamsburg and Queensboro Bridges. Espada is adding a bridge toll proposal to state budget negotiations. He says the tolls are a better option than the looming Metropolitan Transportation Authority service cuts and the elimination of free student MetroCards. Espada says his support for the tolls is contingent upon the money going to saving programs that may be cut. "I would only support it if it is a direct link, a lock box, a dedicated fund for free student MetroCards and also directly going to make sure that those bus lines and transportation lines that move seniors to their medical appointments, that, too, receives an exemption and a priority in this budget,” said Espada. Espada says estimates by the Traffic Congestion Mitigation Commission show the tolls would raise around $525 million a year, while reducing pollution and congestion.
  10. you shouldn't board that bus in the 1st place, wait for the next one. i bet the next bus will be faster than the fully loaded bus. even try to wait for the 3rd bus, it will be empty. logic is the 1st bus is very late. 2nd bus is little late, and the 3rd is on time. so by the time u get off your stop, the 1st bus will be the last to reach there.
  11. it looks like the same guy been driving the bus. so if any of you want to catch it during weekdays. try to be on coney island ave @ 15:50. i guess it starts from ulmer park 15:10 or 15:20
  12. is that mean OA B/O that will just pass their probation in june will get layoff 1st, instead of the last TA B/O just started in dec?
  13. Oh . I just wanted to ride with you and meet you that's it . I probally know who you are but don't know your name .

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