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  1. oh well, guess what, the R32's are going to ENY in the near future, theres nothing anyone can do stop the foaming Lol. on a side note, im sure the (J) riders wouldnt mind these cars on their line, since the Line has R160's. IMO the R32's are an upgrade from the R42's


    Says who?

  2. Yeah your braindead. A phone aint worth dying for and I dont see how you justified that as a legit reason to go on the tracks . Its not the the fact you didnt see a train. The train you see isnt the train that kills you.


    And the fact that you said "I still dont know how these people cant see or hear a train" just says how stupid you are.


    So I'm stupid because of I have the ability to listen and hear trains approaching a station? Yeah I'm very stupid and I never said it was okay or even justified a reason to go to the tracks.

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