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  1. Ahhh yes I didn't think about the OMNY account thing. Yes that is so true but then what if that does not sync when you tap the card in the OMNY account that's a problem. For instance when I took the bus I did pay but it didn't even show on the my OMNY account. Even the next day I checked it was not there at all.
  2. Wow unreal!. I think you have to email or call the MTA regarding about that because it sounds like it's a "bug" on their end. This "issue" has to be fixed because when it's officially launch where millions of people of using it and this problem occurs a lot of people won't be happy that I can tell you.
  3. LOL Yes I see. Well let's see what happens but I doubt they do that.
  4. I see. OK because for a moment I got so excited and IF they did I would give them 10 "Likes". I lost hope now oh well.
  5. Can you clarify about what do you mean "they don't appear any restrictions in terms of transfers". Do you mean for the 2 hrs you can "keep on transferring" and you will not be charge after you do a transfer? That would be "heavenly" and save a lot of $$$ too. If they did that I would be very happy with MTA for once. Canada does that in Ontario (2 hrs to transfer) and BC Vancouver (90 minutes Sky Train (subway) or Bus or 2hr (For West Cost Express equivalent to LRR) where you have the limited amount of time to make transfers. When I went to Vancouver BC I to transfer the Bus 2x Skytrain without being charged doing transfer "love it". When I was on vacation in Ontario I had to make a bus transfer and subway and a trolley and they did not even take another during the transfer time. This is why I love Canada transit then US because it's how the way set things and obliviously it's different because it is a different country. If the MTA really did that then they should advertise it and more people will use switch to OMNY faster and that will be there "selling point" vs Metro card.
  6. I just wanted to see what the OMNY looks like that's all. It's doesn't matter yes you are right. Other countries the design looks nice like Vancouver BC Canada Translink their "Compass card" are solid Blue(Adults) and Orange (Concession and children) and while Toronto has black and green which I didn't like the color. I prefer solid colors.
  7. Oh in that case then forget it thanks. I though it would have the OMNY logo. Good luck. Thanks
  8. Great wow that was fast! Also can you post a picture of how it looks like when you get it. So we have an idea of what will be the OMNY logo look like and will the card look nice or not. Well cover your name and numbers on it.
  9. Thanks for the update. Wonderful news. The press conference you can see is here:
  10. Or they can refill it in the retail store which is good because let's say if the machines are not working they go to to the stores to refill it.
  11. Well it's MTA decisions to implement or not but I think they will "keep the same as Metro card". If they keep saying "no one is using the unlimited option anymore then they will eliminate that. You can write to the MTA or call them to find out.

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