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  1. LOL. 好似佢咁...

  2. 喺...如果我平時返學坐N車 多d見到R68/A就好啦。


  3. 你眞係好彩吔。哈哈

  4. haha, 我都晤知呢度 d railfan 乜嘢樣。

    不過我去遊車河嗰時都完全晤見有似係RF ge 人...

  5. 都ok la,手機相嚟講。你攞d angle & 其他嘢都幾好。

    買到相機 一定要 share ah.(:

  6. 晤見你post 你 d pic 嘅?


  7. 哈哈,太凍啦。 上次係 Christmas Break 去。你呢?

    And wow, you can read all that French too? v

  8. Wow, that's freaking awesome. Thanks man.

    I'm gonna go mess around with it now. ^^

  9. Can read, can't type.

    Too lazy to learn hahah.

  10. wow nice. You're lucky to meet so many :o

    Wu Kai Sha is near Ma On Shan right?

  11. hahah, like every HK person I met since coming are from TKO. weird.

  12. yeah I am. (:

    I'm guessing you too with your name. I lived 2 stops away from Admiralty lool.

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