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  1. From what I hear, several of the new NABI's are being held at the Caven Point facility, awaiting assignment to their respective garages.
  2. Thanks for the memories! Now THOSE were buses I rode and loved as a kid (and later drove as an adult).
  3. I'm seeking pics of retired NJT/TNJ/Public Service "New Look" fishbowls and "Old Look" 5108s as well as those from defunct lines (i.e: Somerset Bus Co., Orange & Black, Lakeland, etc. Anyone?
  4. The Eagles were scrapped in I think '95. Neither NJT nor Suburban could get parts for those buses, and the manufacturer went out of business. Those buses constantly broke down on the road and were a mechanic's nightmare!
  5. My name is Rick and I came across this site while surfing. I am a bus fan (and former driver) I may post on the NYCT bus threads, but mostly I'll be hanging out over at NJ Transit. My main forte is old buses (GM fishbowls, Flxibles, and some MCI's) Hopefully I'll get over to a fest or other where I can see all the old buses I rode as a kid - and let the memories come flooding back. To a time when things were simpler.
  6. My name is Rick. I'm new to these boards and came across while surfing. I've always been a fan of NJT buses - actually, the predecessors (Public Service, TNJ, Orange & Black, etc.) I guess I'm kind of "old school" but although well-aware of the current NJT fleet (D4000/4500's, RTS, the new NABIs and the soon-to-be-retired Flxible 3000/3100/3500 series) I miss the old GM SDM/TDM fishbowls, 5108's and deck-and-a-half coaches; I recall as a kid seeing several different bus carriers serving PABT, such as those mentioned as well as Lakeland; Somerset Bus Co.; West Hunterdon, etc (now defunct); Suburban Transit; Red & Tan and Shortline (all now Coach USA). I know that this primarily is about NYC Transit buses but can't NOT salute the suburban carriers as well. Anyway, sorry for the long read, but just wanted to join in and look forward to "talking shop" with some of you guys. Have a Happy 2009!
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