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  1. There is one from 7th to 8th ave under 14th. You can see it when heading to the passage toward 6th ave. It's fences off but lit, used for storage I guess. It would sure come in handy if it was open though...
  2. There is far too much ignorance/stupidity among members of this place. Why I only make like 4 posts a month. ****** bunch of children here...
  3. An actual direct rail connection at the existing St. George is pretty much impossible. It would have to be built super deep (like Lex-63rd or Whitehall St, more likely deeper than both) and be at a minimum as far inland as Bay St. Any connection to the SIR would have to happen somewhere between Tompkinsville and Clifton. These nexts words are a general statement so, OP... don't get butthurt. Everyone gets carried away with these maps. Just throwing lines under and over streets, waters and existing structures without looking into how they would actually get built. A little engineeri
  4. Bullshit. Speak for yourself, thanks. Seems like a lot of the folks, especially the KIDS in this thread seem to really wanna say things along the lines of what those youtube comments say. They just can't because they are afraid of banishment from their precious transit forum where they sub social life time with computer screen and keyboard masturbation. Expressing their ability to say something just to say something. These people should suck exhaust fumes of all types. The only good provided by them would be cleaning up the air for those who are unlike them.
  5. That map shows how it was prior to the reconstruction in the early 2000's. However I'm looking for detail, like... switches and all that. That area had something like 8 tracks runnings between Snediker (spl?) and Van Sinderen Ave up until where the Fulton El and Canarsie left each other at Pitkin Ave. And also where the El made it way onto Liberty Ave from Pitkin Ave because it clearly goes right over Liberty with no turn offs.
  6. Been looking at google satellite and can't remember how the area looked prior to the reconstruction from a few years ago. You could basically make out the El's old ROW, but my mind has forgotten that and I can't figure out how it went... anyone?
  7. It could ahve been one of the times where the G was running on OPTO and the TO is the C/R. Although the only time I saw that was during that G.O. a few weeks back when it was running in two sections. And there were a hell of a lot of people on those trains so yea... whatever the case the story doesnt add up.
  8. Engineers in the early 20th century sure were big thinkers. The climb from the relatively deep Chambers St station onto the Brooklyn bridge would have been ridiculous. Another strange thing about that station is the relay track... It presumably ends right where the Fulton St station begins... but is it lower than the lower level track or the same height and was there any other plans made for it? The Broad st relay tracks bring up questions too. Were they to head to another river tunnel? Why a diamond crossover and two tracks when a single track would suffice?
  9. Ceya! It's Basserius from the fixed gear forums, didn't know you were on here.
  10. How about just a simple awareness program telling peole how to not die if they somehow find themselves on the tracks and cannot get back on the platform. I mean, this would only apply to the people who aren't tryng to kill themselves, obviously, lol. The drainage space or whatever it is between the ties on what? 98% of the underground portion of the subway can fit a person or two with a train above them. Remember the guy who jumped on top of the person having the siezure? Then there are the little wall coves for track workers, but to me that's a bit more sketch cause you are next to the 3r
  11. They sit on a bumpered storage track right next to the Atlantic branch tracks, just as they start to descend into the tunnel you can get a good look at them. They have no third rail shoes and seem to be just rotting away, I just noticed them as I started taking the train to Flatbush to hop on the Q to Chinatown. Really dirty, broken windows it looked like, etc... trucks look to be in bad shape as well. Anyone know whats up with these? I keep forgetting to catch the car numbers but I assume these are being preserved for some reason? You can see them on Google Maps, but I dunno how to d
  12. Another bit of info: There is a loop on the bridge side of the station. No track was ever laid from what I've read though. Also the last time I took the train to Brooklyn, Before Dekalb I noticed what looked to be a ramp coming down from the ceiling. It may just be a structural thing, but it had space for a track bed. I may have been seeing things though...
  13. It was no set. The train segment was recorded earlier but her coming out of Radio City was live. They synced up video/audio. Things get that good when there is literally millinos of dollars of equipment at your fingertips.

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