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Status Updates posted by R110B

  1. happy birthday to me!

  2. constantly thinking.

    1. mark1447


      Your thinking just like Apple in the 90s!

  3. more rain till 12am

  4. life is good now.

  5. trying to get a profile picture

  6. testing out the new remake of the website.

  7. happy birthday.

  8. whats up Speedy gonzalez?

  9. turtle happy bday.

  10. i am b41 on bvestation add me in the group page.

  11. best friend happy birthday!

  12. bkKS happy bday bro.

  13. how do you put the sign in your signature?

  14. welcome bud.

  15. amelia i am wishing you an early happy birthday today and also on ur birthday next monday.

  16. dan happy birthday.

  17. wow lol thanks.

  18. R110B

    its just brian that was talking trash to me.

  19. R110B

    oh ok and your welcome .

  20. thanks it was a good day to shoot that picture.

  21. hey happy birthday Brother and Enjoy all the fun of the hollidays.

  22. R110B

    LRG even tho we dont get along much but happy birthday anyways.

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