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  1. bronx bus time not listed yet.
  2. happy birthday to me!

  3. constantly thinking.

    1. mark1447


      Your thinking just like Apple in the 90s!

  4. everyone will complain about parking but its to get people to ride buses and save gas.
  5. what?? this is bogus no other routes need sbs just more limited runs that's good enough.
  6. so is this is behind schedule once again?or on hold
  7. it varies by depot, sure some can be improved but at least there trying to keep up with service that can be stressful depending on the time of day or night.
  8. its around the corner and take good looks those orions wont be on the S79 anymore come sunday unless they have no choice but to run one.
  9. more rain till 12am

  10. that is not what i meant =p sheesh 4710 is this xd60 but why are they using sliding doors?
  11. i never said where it should go i said i think the Q58 could use them after all mta doing depot overhauls and renovations so fresh pond could change. as for bp/jfk as we know is scheduled for artic conversion so it will get them when its ready as for the bus we should just wait and see as ciiboy2 and caitsith said. why is 4710 using the next gen style door operation?
  12. nah i think the Q54 Deserves Artics and or The Q58, but lets just wait and see what will happen.
  13. i meant in the near future not now.
  14. they dont use find's only strip map and there is no 1 or 3 strip map unless put in
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