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  1. who thinks fresh pond deserves new buses and not the hamney down buses that yukon and castleton beat up hybrids? it has been about 7-8years since the original gen order.
  2. observation no clock on broadway was using the test pa system so i deemed it to be a fail yesterday.
  3. why because its easier for them to use gsm networks before than to get wcdm networks which takes time to do.
  4. its back to its roots before the 1960s tiles .
  5. i know you dont like the bus model but why this one? and Crystal Phone Quality!
  6. life is good now.

  7. trying to get a profile picture

  8. im hoping bom will use the ad tranz propulsion like in the 110b if its still available.
  9. testing out the new remake of the website.

  10. Nice I like the fact they took down the M16 signs but left the M34 in old signage. dmouse thanks for the great photos.
  11. Yanks Jorge Posada Not to return to pinstripes might retire or sign with another team? The Core 4 is now the Core 2.
  12. Interesting the initial NGs will be sbs.
  13. When it comming out and whats the story behind this?
  14. hey jon its ok to show people in photos of live events makes us remember that we are still human in a transit enviroment. btw nice shots.
  15. that day was fun minus ken s trying to fight people and we all mobbed the Q and R trains we are live. 3165 jamaica bus i think and GBL 10001 rts mia this year. seemed like more trucks were in display.
  16. i caught it at Jamaica center on E R160 set 9313-9316 not on lead car when i seen it last Saturday.
  17. this pisses me off why be cheap and mug someone its called go get a job or get arrested.
  18. its great for a railbuff point of view that the r32 will keep going they can last all subway cars have issues and can be fixed all i see now is R32 bashing and A/C line bashing if you dont like the cars dont use the line.
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