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  1. yes we have spares in the bp lot that dont get used but come this pick it will be used.
  2. Maybe eny but none of the routes go that far.
  3. happy birthday.

  4. hmm not bad :tup: and that is a lfsa it should head to baisley and jfk for driver testing.
  5. Can you say bye bye m2 to m6
  6. that's crazy he went full speed drunk down a road and made the bus crash damn..
  7. they might turn off the screens because they get hot fast in the hot stations and they don't have the cooling system installed to properly run them with the current conditions.
  8. i must get a ride next time i head out to ulmer area.
  9. definitively liked the 1st video with the turbo and gearing sounds somewhat like the M11E's.
  10. ill take a H or K for simple renaming branches instead of getting trains mixed up by confusion in terminals.
  11. its their preference to spec the doors to double leaf than single so in case the door breaks down then what?
  12. R1/9 holiday service and last summer trip lo-v during Yankee playoffs and world series. R32 and various redbirds.
  13. nice and all but size was compensated for the additional features.
  14. whats wrong with the g2 besides the lag and cracked screen?
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