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  1. Woodhaven Bl through 5 Av/53 St. thanks for the info.:tup:
  2. what QBLine stations have the imitation pa/cis?
  3. nice pics and vids of the Quns covearge.and qv 1st ride.
  4. i agree as much i grew up with roll signs its time for a change.
  5. whats up Speedy gonzalez?

  6. turtle happy bday.

  7. can i get a Poughkeepsie sign, would be appreciated thanks.
  8. only thing i liked about them the large rfw when i was little i could see them on the B&Q and rarely N&D, also speed.
  9. nice photos metro roaming the lands.
  10. :tup: shane thanks for showing Q25 230 but now i wanna see it on Q50
  11. damn Qv what happened yall buses are dropping like flies.
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