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  1. XP! i don't like vista and i haven't really used 7 yet nor 8 yet.
  2. i think it is its already in service but has anyone seen 230 in service besides Q64?
  3. anyone seen them on the Jamaica air-train terminal station lines? or Q50?
  4. Verry useful photos! what RTS now up to has the orange signs?
  5. what ever happened to 3672 and 73?
  6. the last BP new order was the VII that came in 07 3784. the bee line orion Vs dont count as new. We Deserve new buses.
  7. mechanical door problems?
  8. maybe its time for the bus replacements to come sooner.
  9. nice video and pics Trev, and i prefer not to join any groups just be on my own.
  10. hey Larry welcome to NYCTF.
  11. again?:eek: they are on a Roll hope they Bring Back the Propulsion the R110B had.:tup:
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