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  1. bring back transit logo!
  2. oh that is a great video thanks for posting it.
  3. Wirelessly posted via (Nokia1680c-2b/2.0 (06.22) Profile/MIDP-2.1 Configuration/CLDC-1.1) Great photos!
  4. when BP gets the artics imma be out there.
  5. Welcome Jon took You MaD looooonnngg to Sign up! you should know who this is!
  6. wow that really is bad driving. hope the driver is ok and bus driver.
  7. i am b41 on bvestation add me in the group page.

  8. nice Photos INDman i got a good sense of the Ride.
  9. damn why must it get wrecked before the test on public routes.
  10. include the S shuttle in manhattan thats on.
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