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  1. 1/2 fare riders do NOT pay a penalty for paying on any of the railroads.
  2. actually my current station agent friend says I should do this or panhandle on the subway for money.
  3. I don't know how to link, sorry. I also tried to sell an entire guide a ride here, but no takers. and don't show me please, I would never get the hang of it. also tried to recycle subway vhs tapes, news stories and features but only one taker. when I did advertise here, 2 people came to my apt to lookj at my tubs of stuff. 1 person only had $50 and the other spent $275 here.
  4. what is wrong with promoting the mta memoribiia website?
  5. this is the MTA website. there is a thread on here about their transit collections. Maybe someone wants to buy a station sign and can afford it now, I also had a lot of paper to unload and did not want to throw it away. it went to an ebay seller and to union turnpike. also trying to sell metrocards here, have a 1/2 farecard and do not need full fare cards. what are you implying here?
  6. 50% off items except tokens,minimum order must be $400. until Monday.
  7. until Monday excluding tokens. Minumum order must be $400.
  8. Now , the NYC bus stop is at 8 Ave and 39st M20 bus stop. service to ferry discontinued.
  9. Todays channel 7 noon news reports that this plan has been cancelled.
  10. Todays channel 7 noon news reports that this plan has been eliminated.
  11. He clarified that the booths would be open for the AM and PM tours and close for the night tour.
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