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  1. do you want me to throw away the photographs? i found someone to sell my collection on ebay. people have come over my apartment.
  2. and wondering if anyone would like to make a donation for them. They are 20-35 years old. They are of USA and Europe. SUbways, buses , etc.. I live on Bay Parkway off Benson ave. You could pick them up, take them home and make a donation after looking through them. THanks. Am cleaning out the apt. ONly keeping very few.
  3. I also heard a rumor that the title will change to customer service agent with the implementation of OMNY.
  4. They are downsizing the title. They are closing more booths and eliminating all Lunch Relief jobs and changing the times of all the booths and will eventually elilminate the night tour.
  5. 1/2 fare riders do NOT pay a penalty for paying on any of the railroads.
  6. actually my current station agent friend says I should do this or panhandle on the subway for money.
  7. I don't know how to link, sorry. I also tried to sell an entire guide a ride here, but no takers. and don't show me please, I would never get the hang of it. also tried to recycle subway vhs tapes, news stories and features but only one taker. when I did advertise here, 2 people came to my apt to lookj at my tubs of stuff. 1 person only had $50 and the other spent $275 here.
  8. what is wrong with promoting the mta memoribiia website?
  9. this is the MTA website. there is a thread on here about their transit collections. Maybe someone wants to buy a station sign and can afford it now, I also had a lot of paper to unload and did not want to throw it away. it went to an ebay seller and to union turnpike. also trying to sell metrocards here, have a 1/2 farecard and do not need full fare cards. what are you implying here?
  10. 50% off items except tokens,minimum order must be $400. until Monday.
  11. until Monday excluding tokens. Minumum order must be $400.
  12. Now , the NYC bus stop is at 8 Ave and 39st M20 bus stop. service to ferry discontinued.
  13. Todays channel 7 noon news reports that this plan has been cancelled.
  14. Todays channel 7 noon news reports that this plan has been eliminated.
  15. He clarified that the booths would be open for the AM and PM tours and close for the night tour.
  16. Yep, 3 bags of them. I gave them the idea to change the 9 route BTW. Took along time to respond, eh?
  17. My Station Agent friend told me that next July, they will totally change all the hours of all the booths and eliminate the PM and Night tours at most booths. Will someone call the union to see if what he says is correct. I don't see them doing this without public hearings happening. He says booths will close at 4 or 6 pm.
  18. Sell it to who? I am trying to give them away to someone who WILL share it with others online or elsewhere. MOST of my VHS tapes are in excellent condition. I am asking others to help because I can't do it myself, don't know how to, or am unwilling. Don't tell me to "Just do it" = "YOU DO IT FOR ME" :')
  19. Does anyone get The Chief paper? I heard there was an article about transit shutting down booths at night now in addition to the jobs cut for next pick.
  20. Also, would anyone like to share the good and bad experiences you have had while doing the job ?

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