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  1. When I was on the XX board, I picked up so many long-hour jobs, I wasn't sure whether the crew office liked me, or was trying to kill me.
  2. The A & D trains running non-stop from 59th St. to 125 St. was always a great ride. Bypassed a lot of local stops.
  3. Kenny Taylor knows the subway system like nobody else!
  4. Thanks guys. I appreciate your information.
  5. I have no idea what the vacation benefit is. How much vacation time do we start out with once we get out of school car?
  6. Thanks Jah. I guess I'll figure it out when I get there!
  7. Thanks Jah. So if I lived across the river in NJ, and was taking the PATH to NY......would the B division be a reasonable option for me to pick? My class starts on 3/16. I think I would rather be in Bklyn for the school than the Bronx.
  8. From a T/O standpoint, is one division more desirable than the other. I have always liked the routes in Brooklyn as they are outdoors, and end up near the beaches. B Div school is in Bklyn? Are there advantages of A vs B?
  9. neilr

    Hello Everyone

    Yes. Took the medical on Friday. I am on medical hold at the moment. They need some additional medical info from me, which I can have within 30 days. When I get it all together, I go back to 180 Livingston, deliver it, and should have the hold removed. Hopefully, I will be in the next class they start.......as I am #20 on the current list.
  10. neilr

    Hello Everyone

    Hi all. Just joined last night, and wanted to say hi. I have always been a big subway fan. I am #999 on the TO list.......and may be in the class which starts in February. Any advice that anyone can give me? Thanks in advance. Neil
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