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  1. thank you for the responds. I'm a little bit confused what should i do that they plea me guilty for parking instead of moving? do i please not guilty on the ticket and mail the them? Also, i'm not bus driver or train operator, i just work in elevator and escalator depart, do i still have to tell mta about ticket? What can they do if i found guilty?
  2. Hello, I'm electro-mechanical maintainer. I Just got speeding ticket in upstate NY, poughkeepsie. Do i have to tell MTA about it? I also have CDL permit but the ticket is under my license.
  3. Hello, I work in infrastructure department, maintainer. I just started couple month ago. We have a department job pick coming up in december. The pick before this one was about 4 year ago and now I heard that the next one will be in 5 years again. Is it even legal to do pick in more than year? Where could i found the rules and regulations about it? Thank you for the help.
  4. i did filled out the booklet and already sworn. i'm supposed to start on july 19
  5. hello, i have a question. I was just hired, did not start yet. my orientation is on july 19. I did not tell my employer that 'm leaving yet and really do not want to do it before i actually start. Do MTA calls your prior employers to verify your info? I wanted to come up with some kind of story about short leaving but if they call to confirm I do not want to look like a full thank you
  6. Hello, Just called the automatic phone system to see what is my list status and here the message there. You are currently on outstanding certification, the last certified # 53 the last appointed #7 What does it mean? Thank you
  7. Hello, anyone heard anything about results for exam # 8081 Transit electrical helper? The test was done in June 2009 Thanks
  8. Thanks for the answer. It was for Transit electro-mechanical maintainer
  9. it is even more confusing now. The chief saying that the entire list was certified # from 1 to 126 to replace 81 position in mta but i did not get my letter yet. what does it mean? thank you
  10. I have a question, maybe someone can clear this out. I'm on the list for exam 8096. The list was established just recently on 02.03.2010. When I called hot line last week the message said that my name is on outstanding certification, but when I called today it saying the opposite, that I 'm not currently on outstanding certification. Any one knows what it could mean? thank you
  11. Does any body knows how long it take to actually establish the list of eligibility after they sent the note with your list #? I got my letter on December stating that i passed the exam and my list # is so and so. But the actual list is not established yet and therefore they are not calling from it Thank you for the respond
  12. hello, can anyone give me the phone number to call MTA? I would like to find out why I still was not called for medical after I had my pre- employment interview and drug test taken on 07.23 Do you know who do i call? HR? Thanks a lot
  13. Hi, let me ask you a question. Did they call him for medical? I had drug test on 07.23 and was told medical should be in 2-30 days, but no one called yet. Thank you
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