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  1. Pre-orders will start tomorrow (friday, Oct. 25th) at nyctrackbook.com.
  2. Yeah, there's some real talent behind the lens out there. It's always tough to choose a cover from the 5 or 6 best every year, but this year (and to a degree last year as well) it took me a week to make the final call. The tough part is to choose a picture that is excellent from a photographic/composition standpoint, but that also conveys that this is a book about tracks and signals. And in the end, it came down to that very thing this year. Anthony's fall colors picture on the was eye-poppingly good and it came >< that close. Now comes the challenging part. All the edits and new pages for 2020! My annual appeal to folks here, if you have any changes in terms of car assignments, new signal numbers or interlocking drawings, knowledge of new track plant configurations, etc, please send 'em along to me at nyctrackbook at gmail dot com. Thanks to all!
  3. This was a hard one, folks! CONGRATULATIONS to front cover winner Anthony Maimone for yet another great front cover shot, and to Uday Schultz for winning the back cover! I will be contacting both winners in the next day or so with photo releases, etc. This was the closest contest I think I've ever had to choose from; just SO many great choices.
  4. I think I had a record number of entries in the photo contest this year. All I can say is WOW, some of you are amazingly good photographers and you should seriously consider taking this up professionally. If there wasn't already an excellent NYC Subway calendar I'd like to feature most of those in such a format. But unfortunately I can only go with one front and one rear cover every year. So without any further ado, here are the six finalists for the 2020 front cover, in no particular order. I would ask the photographer for each of these to please send me the highest-quality/resolution of these images so I can do full color printouts on a commercial printer before I can make a final determination. I will post a few more of the runners-up later on as time allows. I hope to make the final determination in a few days.
  5. I forgot to add this in my original post, if you're submitting photos they should be emailed to nyctrackbook at gmail dot com, with a subject line of Photo Contest. You can submit lower-resolution images for judging, but ultimately I will need the highest quality possible if you're a finalist/winner. Shots taken with phones may or may not produce a good enough image for press work. DSLR images in RAW or JPG/PNG work the best, but so long as the image can be cropped and printed at 300dpi at 9" x 12" then it should be good to go. Thanks in advance, and good luck to one and all! - pjd
  6. Hey folks, Sorry for the delay in posting this earlier. Due to last-minute international travel and some ongoing emergency family medical stuff I wasn't able to do a full posting about the book cover photo contest for the 2020 edition until now. I sincerely apologize for the delay and the resulting short notice. If you have any good quality photos you'd like considered for either the front or back covers of Tracks of the NYC Subway please get them in to me before midnight NYC-time next Tuesday, October 15th. As in years past, I will select 5 or 6 finalists, do up some mock covers for each one, and ask for everyone's opinion in a subsequent post. You folks are the best, and I couldn't make this all happen without your help—and some terrific photos! Along the same lines, any ongoing track/signal construction projects, track realignments, signal renumbering projects, long-term closures, and roster notes, etc, I'd be extremely grateful if you could send the changes my way before my publishing deadline of Nov. 20th. Thanks again, Peter Dougherty, Author/Publisher 2019 Edition now available!
  7. Hi all, I'm proud to announce that the 2019 edition of Tracks of the NYC Subway (print version) will begin shipping in a few days. Dec. 3rd is the official date, but I think I'll have pre-orders filled on Friday or Saturday, depending on how cooperative my printer is. If you've already ordered, you should start checking your mailbox on Saturday or Monday. PDF orders are already going out as fast as they're received. Thanks to all the forum members for your support, for helping out with accuracy, and for entering the photo contest. You all make this work possible! I do have a small favor to ask. For next year, I'm planning to update the information on all the yards, and especially Linden and Clifton since they're well off the radar for most of us. If you have any insight to what goes on in any of the yards that's not already in the book please drop me a line. Cheers, Peter Dougherty, Author/Publisher
  8. OK, enough dilly-dallying! Time to announce the winners! The front cover winner is Kenny Richetti for the Ghost Of The 7. ] And the rear cover winner is Jie wen Li. I really liked the J-train image, but after manipulating it as best I could and consulting my book's printer, there's no way I could make it work in print. Just too dark and too noisy, unfortunately. I also loved the A train motion picture, and if I hadn't received Kenny's winning image, it would have won the day. The two trains on the Manny-B was a good photo, but I used something similar on the back cover a couple of years ago, and the old/new 4 trains just didn't have the pop I was looking for. My sincere thanks to all entrants and feel free to submit your photos for next year's contest, which runs until Oct. 15, 2019 at 11:59pm. I would like to add that for next year and beyond, I'd like to get back to more track/signal-focused pictures if possible, since that's really the focus of my work. Long-lens shots of interlockings, nice underground shots with tunnel lights and signals reflecting off the rails, night, dawn/twilight outdoor shots, and so on. I'm a bit less likely to consider train run-by photos in the future unless the image is really amazing. Thanks once again, and CONGRATS to the winners! I will be in contact with you shortly.
  9. Thanks! I didn't know how to do that. I will hopefully announce a winner next week. I need to get the finalists' best-quality image files first to see how each of them will print on an offset press. So far I'm having real trouble with the train. Looks great on screen but at 1200 dpi....not so much, alas.
  10. Well here they are, folks! These are the finalists for the 2019 trackbook cover. You can vote for your favourites if you'd like! The runners-up will qualify for the back cover. My sincere thanks to all who submitted entries. I will announce the winner next week. I had wanted to create a poll here for these images, but it appears as though the software doesn't allow that option. Enjoy!!
  11. I have four finalists at present, and by Friday, the 19th, I should have two more. Watch this space! Also, does anybody happen to have the current interlocking plans for 6th Ave and West 4th? I was down there today and wasn't able to get any of the signal numbers from in the tunnels. Info greatly appreciated, please-n-thanx.
  12. The contest is now closed and I'm evaluating the entries and will be doing mockups shortly. One of the entrants send images that were too small and I'm still waiting to receive these before I can post the finalists. I will post the list of finalists as soon as I can, most likely on Friday or Saturday (Oct. 19/20th). At this point I'm beginning to assemble and prepare revisions, corrections and additions for 2019. If you have any info to share I would be most grateful! As always, I'm looking for track and switch changes, signal changes, new interlocking signal numbers, tower info, and car/yard assignments
  13. Hey guys, just a reminder that we're only a week away from the end of the contest. Get your best shots in soon! Good luck to everybody.
  14. Now with that said, if I get a perfect picture that's an odd size, I can put a black bar in to fill up the unused space (I've done it before--this year's back cover is like that). But for a front I'd prefer not to if at all possible.
  15. Feel free to submit as many as you want. Dozens. Hundreds Here's the thing about optical zoom. It's fine for on-screen viewing but in print it looks poor and really isn't usable beyond the slightest bit. Also, unless you snap the perfect image with 100% perfect subject placement in the frame, there will have to be some enlarging and cropping involved, so the more data there is to play with the better. A standard 35mm frame size or an iPhone or Android will not natively fill the 9 x 11.75 inch frame size that I start with. So I need to embiggen the image in Photoshop just to use every pixel submitted. That act in itself can wash out optical zoom for things like iPhone cameras. Now if I need to enlarge further for subject placement within the frame I need to inconvenience even more native pixels. So yeah, for the purposes of entering the contest, any resolution submitted is just fine. But if you win, I need a nice and big image. Full-frame 35mm at 24 MP sensor will do that in spades. I prefer either TIF or RAW for final images, but jpegs for the contest are perfectly fine. Nothing under about 3 or 4 MB, though--there's just not enough data.
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