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  1. Wow, so that would be incredibly expensive even if the ROW is wide enough... and if it isn't then even more expensive (if even possible). Especially with smoothing out curves which I know is a problem with the California HSR plans on the peninsula. Thank you very much for the information.
  2. So, I was reading http://www.amtrak.com/pdf/strategic.pdf -- the 2004-2008 Strategic plan summary and always saw the New Rochelle / New Haven section blacked out with Amtrak doing no improvements on it. I am curious how the relationship works and if Metro North does improvements to this area in coordination with Amtrak to improve Acela service. There are still 11 grade crossings all in the Metro North zone. How does this affect NEC service and what do you think. (Also, does Amtrak have a plan for 2009 / 2012 out yet?)
  3. Funding is crazy. That's why I want to learn more and there don't seem to be any clear NEC Amtrak blogs.
  4. So where _does_ one stay up to date on this? I'm paying attention to DE in the stimulus which is trying to get a third line between Wilmington and Newark in some areas (although, Amtrak alreay has the ROW so it won't change that so much... just make SEPTA service better). But, how is it that you know where the bottle necks are? I'm also curious about the average speeds in different areas.
  5. I think you're missing one important thing. Sleepers are not _that_ popular in Europe. I've been on a sleeper and it wasn't bad... but not great... but Beijing to Xian is 1,100km and London to Paris then Paris to Marseille is a bit more. But, you'd do two legs of high speed travel in much less time than a sleeper. And in Europe people would take the HSR trips or just fly. Personally, I am not so worried about sleepers... although maybe when I think about Chicago to Los Angeles which if it is ever HSR... will probably be after I'm dead... but I'm thinking about rail lines where you can go somewhere and back in a day... and as of now that's between Paris and pretty much any major city in France. The U.S. is going to need to invest in sleepers if it will get people to take really long haul rides as more than just a novelty (I want to do it... but it's hard to justify when a one way ticket is more expensive than a two way flight.
  6. \ Could I get a little translation of that? Jacbobs bogies = ? And, what you're saying is regulate freight trains to make them have to be lighter and shorter so that the Acela can be? Why does the Acela have to be heavier since freight trains are?
  7. Excellent, glad I made this post. 15% towards a 140mph corridor is a start and my main worry was that work just wasn't ongoing--obviously I'm wrong about this. Hopefully these progressive changes (and time gains) will get press until someday we can have an under 4 hours trip between DC and Boston (which, will never beat the Paris-Marseille TGV because that only has three stations on the route). And when Amtrak starts beating air travel then we'll really see things pick up.
  8. I was wondering what is in the works to improve Acela service that that it can keep a sustained 125mph+ along its route. I know there are many problems northeast of NYC but are they making any plans to increase speeds?
  9. Funny, I live(d) in DE and I never got such pictures. Thanks for sharing.
  10. That's beautiful... as long as it is accurate. I know where I am in Bordeaux you'll have 7 minutes... and then in 3 minutes it goes down to 6 minutes and then you skip two minutes and it ends up being a 9 minute wait or something. But, by showing where the train is that's nice.
  11. I'm not fully sure how you guys manage to take the pictures you do... I suppose I won't know unless I try to go down to the station and see what I can get.
  12. Expanding all the way out to Allentown or Reading would be great for some of the commuters out there. Hope some of this gets done... as well as connecting SEPTA to MARC (although, that's MARC's job). But, we've got to remember that all/any of those new routes without proper service doesn't do much good. SEPTA will never be big in DE if it doesn't expand its hours. I realized I ommitted a huge part of why mom friend's mom doesn't like Newark or Wilmington station. Because, if you get stuck late at work you don't have a ride back to DE. Marcus hook has trains operating until midnight and that's why people use their park and ride so they are sure not to get stranded.
  13. When I saw that I was seriously unimpressed by Acela's speeds but was a little impressed that our normal service is kind of pretty decent. Granted, you have non-TGV service between Strasbourg and Basel going 200km/h but I expect much less out of my not-so-rail-friendly home country. Great pictures, though. I can't wait to ride on Acela when its less than 4 hours between Washington and Boston (the TGV route between Paris and Marseille is a longer distance but takes like 3h20).
  14. Tu peux dire bonjour mais, I am American... and, my English is far better than my French It could be faster, it could have more even service (often you have trains 3 minutes apart and then a 10 minute wait), and it could have more service for the incredibly crowded route to the university zone during school hours but generally it's really good. It's clean, cheap--an under 28 years old, a year pass is 176,40 € which is around 3 months of an MTA pass. Obviously subway service just isn't comparable but our bus system isn't bad. I even got to see a lot of the latest extension just north of my place, it really is something every mid sized American city could use.
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