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  1. Nice pics and happy birthday. Nice one of Stillwell Ave there!
  2. OT here, but I just wanted to sympathize with you guys about the work conditions at MTA. My job has a similar environment--where one is encouraged to rat out another employee, rules change daily and it's not communicated to you yet you are responsible...etc. and so forth.
  3. GGLL


    LOL...well this old crock did plenty of UrbEx-ing in my "whippersnapper" days. I don't guess anyone can do that anymore, huh? Seems like you even get hassled for taking pics now.
  4. GGLL


    I'm an old-time subway fan and am so glad to have found this forum. I no longer live in NYC, I live upstate NY now, but my passion for all things subway never went away. Originally from Canarsie Brooklyn, so that's where the "LL" part of my user name comes from. The "GG" is in honor of my late dad, who's business was near that line. Bet you can tell I'm a golden oldie--I remember when G was GG and L was LL.
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