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  1. so in light of a trip to the city that ill be taking soon im working on a new project but i was wondering if someone could help me try and fix these problems im missing the walls on a couple when you look at the station from a certain angle and a couple of the platforms are transparent does anyone know how i can fix this? And SubwayEngineer12 where can i get these for you R142s Unknown Location: <kuid:571451:100153>
  2. Yea sorry about that i mean the east side i only ask because ive been watching videos of the subways recently and i remember one time when i visited the city we were waiting for the and some random person told me not to stand to close because the trains always enter the station faster than normal
  3. Ok this might be a weird question but does anyone know the station on the 4 5 6 where the trains come barreling into the station because there entering off a decline I think the station is somewhere on the west side?
  4. i just havent had time between starting college and work
  5. This station i just made here is kinda a mix between three different subway systems its WMATA based, with an NYCTA style, and SEPTA 30th Street look to it
  6. Love the R32 always been my favorite car but question would it be possible to host my Beta Route on BDC by any chance?
  7. As promised here they are train waiting for a rerouted to pass via the line entering 135th St. via the line entering Jordan Ave/175th St. via the line
  8. So i know i promiced pics the last time but never followed thourgh but this time i mean it im slowlly easing my way back into the subway world and i do promice some pics will be posted.
  9. Im slowly getting back into the subway life gonna have some pics up soon
  10. Once you download it drag it into the TS12 Content Manager and all deps can be found on Green's website. hope this helped
  11. Ok sure thing and thank you. Sure thing but what kind of problem are you having with the installation?
  12. Enjoy my Beta Route for my and Trains. TS12: http://www.mediafire.com/download/4x...e6spj0/MTA.cdp Description: This is the start of my MTA System so far the is the main line and the branch off at University Plaza. And the and Lines aren't close to being done but its a start. Once again Enjoy.
  13. Slowly getting back into the swing of things.
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