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  1. do you think u would like to help me with this 4 trainz someone told me to ask u

    1. Strain
    2. error46146


      Sorry but I only develop and program for BVE/OpenBVE, I have never even played Trainz before.. You can try asking some of the other developers from BVE as some of them develop for Trainz as well.


      Good luck on your project

  2. There not R160's

  3. Hey PM me here or on trainz ASAP.

  4. Thank you for the signs

  5. Hey can i have a Re-nameable sign if possible for the Q train?

  6. Do you think you could put the textures and station into one file?

  7. It keeps say an error has occurred and shutting down the thing.

  8. Thanks im ganna try to convert it to trainz.

  9. You dont well do know how to put it in a like 3D file for GMax?

  10. You dont well do know how to put it in a like 3D file for GMax?

  11. Can you help me convert that Station to work in TRS2006.

  12. Can you help me convert that to work in TRS2006.

  13. Did you get my email?

  14. Your Route is amazing

  15. hey this is Strain ur inbox is full so i cant send u that message

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