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  1. Ok so there will still be an IRT route for TRS10 tho when everything is released right?
  2. Well I've been using Trainz with this laptop for about a year now and I haven't had any like "major problems" With running Trainz until now with all this subway stuff but I guess I'm ganna have to deal for now. Anyway thanks for the help ill do my best to keep on building.
  3. Ya thats what i thought the problem is what kind of GC would you recommend for a laptop?
  4. Ya im still having that problem with my baseboards disappearing and i dont know how to fix it and i dont want to delete this route cuz ive worked way to hard on it and i want you guys to be able to run it.
  5. Im having a little lag problem and also i noticed theres a big gap between train and platform Here is i used the Subway track B(at first i thought this track was just to big) and here i used the tunnel track B
  6. Oh happy days are here again glory glory hallelujah!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Great work Green.
  7. Lance what are you using to make the R44/46 LCDs: Exterior and Interior sings?
  8. These are my first signs hope you like if anyone wants me to do one for them dont hesitate to ask me . All i ask is that you give the following info. Needed Info: Route (Ex. Circle or Diamond) Color (Ex. Yellow,Green,Blue, ect...0 Routing Destination Additional Info Stations (anywhere between 1-15 stops) Stop Name Transfers Wheelchair Accessible These are mine Enjoy.
  9. ok thats great, but B is it ok if i do release my route when im ready ill be sure to give your credit
  10. Ok i edited it hope it makes sense now sorry bout that.
  11. This is what happened. On a side not Green could you ask B something for me. I used his test route it start my Elevated portion of my route cuz it fit nicely. so could you ask him if its ok if i release my route giving him credit for his part if that makes any sense srry its really late.
  12. Thanks been working hard this last week on this. No i didnt download them but i think i might also are you or B ganna do terminal pieces for the Elevated stations as well?
  13. Ok thanks Green. Ok here are the pics of the finished Elevated portion of the Line. (The Before Pics) 155St. Station 168St. Station 173St. Jordan Av. Transfer 180St. Station 190St. Station 195St Station 200St. Van Cortlandt Park
  14. ok thanks and this one for the city hall Unknown Location: <kuid:410289:5006>
  15. i installed the NYCTA Subway Stations to my 09 game and all the stations are missing these. Unknown Location: <kuid:410289:4000>
  16. Almost done with the elevated portion of my route pics will come when finished.
  17. Green how far do i push the slider cuz stuff are still disappearing and and are the sliders in the options?
  18. Green idk if your still looking for signs or not but here 18th Av Sea Beach
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