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  1. Sorry guys if you dont understand whats going on people are askng Green questions at Auran so ya anyway heres an update... Green: Version 3 is a lot better to handle for me than version 2. On NYCTF I lamented about building the Queens Plaza interlocking and how ridiculously long it took with v2. And from the other thread: Oh! Almost forgot, polls closed on the voting. Many of you sent PMs, and the winner for the first route to be released is.... *drumroll* WINNER: IRT West/East Side lines (Bronx/Manhattan/Brooklyn). Luckily this route is: a) severely under-represented (actually not at all) on BVE and b) my pet project since late 2010, so it's quite built up already. Since I'm adding in the West Side and Bronx els, the project falls from 85% done (just the Bronx-Brooklyn 5) to about 50% done. Not to worry--I heartily accept the challenge. And since Aking4125 lives in the Bronx, he can correct me where I'm wrong--which is often -A
  2. Last update b4 school If you can't wait for the NYCTA tunnels.... I just discovered that AlTerr's v3 of Moscow Metro's tunnel package actually integrates perfectly with the current v3 of the NYCTA subway station kit. Below are some pics of how perfectly they mesh together. At the end of this post is the link to the .cdp for the Moscow Metro kit. http://rutrainz.com/?p=314 On the website it'll say Version 2.0--I have version 3.0, but I don't know if that's available on the site or not. Since I don't have the developer's permission to release the cdp, a Google Search might aid you guys. Either way, there's no real difference between the two versions except some new pieces in 3.0 -A
  3. Thanks and i know said he'd update you guys but seeing as how im on more than he is (and i hope he doesnt take that the wrong way) i just do his updating job for him.
  4. One last update from me As posted earlier, I have figured out the attachment point problem. 3T's are in-game. Just five 4T and three 6T stations to go before everything's ready to test. Word to everyone: Only TS12 supports splines with more than 5 attachment points, and as this is for TS09 and up, there'll only be 5 attachment points on the 6T stations/pieces, so don't freak out. You'll just have to manually place one of your tracks. Finally, to answer a question that was posted in the other development thread--these stations will work the same as magicland's, meaning you can attach whatever track you'd like to the end pieces and it'll replicate. Of course, the official NYCTA tracks that are coming with the tunnel kit will be the best ones to use, but you knew that already -A EDIT: It has been brought to my attention by several regular posters that the wooden bench in game is way too small when placed in the subway stations. This is my bad guys--I resized it to normal standards and imported it into my version of TS but forgot to release the updated version. When the subway station & tunnel kit is released, the bench will be re-released as part of that. The trashcans and exits are going to remain the same, so don't delete those. I'll also be adding turnstiles and elevators.
  5. ANNOUNCEMENT: NYCTA Subway Station Kit v3 is COMPLET That's right fellas--don't adjust the brightness on your screens or check to see if the prescription of your eyes or glasses is incorrect! The stations are finished and boy are they a beauty. While I won't overload and post 50+ images of every single layout, I thought I would share some shots of the two stand-outs IMO, IRT City Hall and DeKalb. These were my favorite to design and texture and they look damn near realistic in the shots. It took literally 15 seconds each to create these stations, so the ease of working with these new kits is going to be amazing. I'm still going to match them against BStyles' tunnels, but for now, after a long month of slaving away---I present to you the fruits of my labor. Thanks again for all of the support, motivation and kind words. Thanks also SO much for your patience--I know it can be frustrating looking at all these pics and wondering, "Wtf, when are they gonna release that--this waiting s**t is getting tiresome". Well, we want to give you the BEST subway content that's ever been released, and the pictures below are evidence of our hard work and dedication to making you, our fellow Trainzers and fans of our work, extremely satisfied. After all, if you strip away the titles and credentials, at our cores, BStyles and I are just like you guys--Trainzers and railfans who love the subway as much as you guys do. I hate making date promises (because I'm notorious for never following them), but expect a release date on the stations within the next seven days. Again--that's for the stations only--no word on the tunnels yet. As always gentlemen, Enjoy! -A Update from the man himself cant wait till its released.
  6. Ok i know B said that he"ll be updating you guys bout Greens's stuff but i just had to update you guys sorry B. "Here are some WIP shots of the Subway stations. They're about 70% done. All splines have been imported into the game and I'm currently working out the kinks for the start/end objects as far as attachment points go. One track stations are in game and look superb--2T objects are being PITAs, so I won't even continue to the higher track versions until these are worked out. The tunnels in these shots are the incomplete new tunnels, before I sent them to BStyles to get touched up. What you saw from his post (the tunnels with the fantastic lighting job)--those ones are the final versions that will be released. I just used these to show off how well they look with the stations. Enjoy!" -A
  7. Oh yess IM THE 1000th POSTER YESSSSS. Old Pics but who cares Might start creating again?
  8. I know its sweet i hope it works so he can tell me how to do it because i want to do that with all my Subway entrances so that you guys dont have to reskin them.
  9. Hey B what do you mean by this "Ace is currently researching a script that will allow us to place connections, lines, destinations, etc. on the entrance placards."
  10. thank you Bstyles i found that Greeneggs stations dint have the right colors for some stations like 42 Street-Port Authority Bus Terminal was purple so i just cloned it and re-skined it. Also i wasn't going to release these unless i got an OK from Green and if i did get an OK from him do you think i can give them to you guys as part of the whole NYCTA Mega Pack?
  11. Hey Bstyles Acelejalde said that i could update the guys over here with his pics but if you want to do it then im fine with that. Here are my reskins of his station Kew Gardens-Union Turnpike 42 Street-Port Authority Bus Terminal Jay St-MetroTech
  12. It aint mine ace has his own little trade of the smiley guy waving and besides i cant make stuff like that. Also it says A at the bottom.
  13. Just some WIP shots of the subway stations currently in production. Other stations are normal--but I just wanted to show the updated spin on 63 St (which'll be different from the one everyone has---so save the old version too!) Enjoy! -A
  14. oh well thats now wat he told me over at aruan but he gave me the ok to update you guys till he gets her so ya.
  15. Hello everyone for the time being i shall be Greeneggs because he is having account problems and until he gets it fixed ill be him and updating you for his for u guys until his account gets all fixed up. Hey all. I darkened the tunnels to make them more realistic and reduced the track length to 2.5m which makes it handle curves better. ALL of the tunnels are imported, in game and working just fine! The only thing is I realized I need a 3T and 4T tunnel with an open ended wall to use as halves for a 6T or 8T layout, so maybe 4 or 5 more pieces to come. Also, BStyles is working on the tubes. Enjoy the shots--these are my old subway stations--new ones are under construction! Enjoy! -A
  16. dude stop posting pics that arent yours either post pics of your stuff or dont post pics at all.
  17. oh well try and use your own next time please.
  18. idk he said he is no longer stuff for us because he thinks people are pissing him off and i cant stand people like that so i kinda dont really care srry.
  19. i just want to say thanks guys for making my topic the most viewed in category also looking forward to some great pics in the future.
  20. Wow almost for got about this its been dead here but you know what were shocking you back to life so just to get back in the Which line had plans to build two new stations but canned one of them and now is only making station?
  21. Hey B how is Green doing you said that he was going through some problems is it like really serious? best wishes go out to him if it is.
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