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  1. Im glad you guys are enjoying this thread cuz every time i come back and check on the thread two pages are add in like less than a day so that makes me happy so thanks guys. Anyway name the busiest Stations in each Borough.
  2. . Dude this isnt a request thread its a trainz pics thread and no one will send you the car cuz magic said not to give them out
  3. The answer is 36th Street Station this station is a real Trip because its a fraction of an inch taller than everyone else. its funny and youll see y here is the thing i promised if you got it right. You must watch video to understand question.
  4. Nope and nope ok I'll give you the answer in a second
  5. I didnt know that he was on Aruan a couple days agao.
  6. Look i dont want no smart ass comments in my thread ok there's no need for it and i dont want it got it. i do easy questions cuz i live in CT and i dont go to the city that often so i work with what i got ok. with that being said lets just get back on topic and have fun ok now..... Now this Station is a real trip what Station is it? (This question isnt just hard in my opinion but its funny to if you guys get it right ill give u something)
  7. Well i think its time that everyone comes out of hiding lol.
  8. Yes that's what I wanted thanks subway looks like trains run every 20 on sunday
  9. Looking kinda dead here guys so i got for you: Name these Lines? -? -? -? -? -? -? -? -? -? -? -? -?
  10. So ill be on my way to the City soon and was wondering ifr any one could give like a Sunday Subway Schedule or something cuz i know that in any city trains always run there slowest on a Sunday so i wanted to know if someone could help me ASAP cuz ill be leaving soon. Thanks (S)train
  11. So does anyone else have updates its been real dead lately?
  12. My mom told me that he died his hair red and called himself The Joker. that little SOB.
  13. thats right told you it was easy
  14. Just saw this and u know what pisses me off this guy is smiling in his mug shot my heart goes out to the families
  15. ok this is a real easy one im the lines that run the East Side?
  16. ok well i did like a intense search on like family fun centers and places like tht and i found a couple of good ones like this one in Queens.
  17. i was aware of DB but i kinda got turned off of it because when i went there one time it was filled with smoke and thats not good for me asthma.
  18. remember to like the answer if its right
  19. this might be an easy one but when you add them together these lines combined have a total of 11 stops?
  20. Im looking to take a weekend trip to the city in a couple of weeks because of a tour im taking of Julliard so what im trying to get at is are there andy like arcades or like indoor fun centers something like chuck e cheeses but for like older kids. You guys know wheat im getting at cuz it sounds better in my head then it does type out.
  21. im not understanding your question?
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