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  1. LMAO Dudes Looking For A Hand Job
  2. I Took The Test In December 08 Homey Im Not Frustrated Over The Time, Ive Frustrated With All The MTA Screw Ups And The Fact The Future Doesnt Look Bright For The People On That 08 List
  3. Yeah I Took Conductor, Got A 96, Felt Good About It, Then Saw My List Number Was Like 1943, Got A Lil Down But Tried To Keep It Out My Mind But With Everything Going On Now I'll Probably Never Be Hired, So Pissed
  4. And Its His Choice To Explain Himself Or Not
  5. Thats A Significant Financial Change Once U Become Accustom To Making A Certain Amount
  6. So Why Take The MTA Test And Routinely Wonder About Your Status If Your Already Set?
  7. How Does The Current MTA Situation Effect Us?? They Are Gonna Lay Off People Which Means That Wont Need Anyone New If They Re Hire They Are Gonna Re Hire The Laid Off Former Workers Is This Gonna mess us up?
  8. No Way U Have A List Number Like That On C/R With An 88, Are U Refering To The Bus Test?
  9. Most Of The Cops Workin The Trains Disgust Me I Got A $75 Ticket 2 Weeks Before X Mas For Walking Between Cars To Get A Seat Mind U Ive Never Had An Issue With The Law In My Life, No Arrests, No Tickets, Nothing, Just On My Way To Work Wanting A Seat I Know U Guys Wanna Meet Your Quota But Stalling A Train At A Stop With One Door Open On A Packed Subway Car Is Somewhat Like Entrapment To Me The Thing That Kills Me The Most Is That They Would DARE Do This In The City Amoung People Who Could Pay The Ticket With No Problem, They Do It To Lower Income Folks On Some Random Ass Stop In The Bronx I Know All Of You Arent Pricks But People Like That Are Similar To Small Time Criminals
  10. Is There Is I Can Not Find It On The DCAS Website, I Coulda Swore There Was One On The 4th
  11. I Worked 2 Jobs In Miami One Of Them With A Temp Agency How Do I Get That Info?
  12. Thanks Subway Guy I Really Appreciate It If Its Not Too Much Do U Have The Conductor One Also? If So Thanks In Advance.
  13. Im Having Issues Opening The PDF File Can Someone Just Tell Me?
  14. Yeah I Got A 96 On Conductor And A List Number 1943 Anyone Know The Station Agent Qualifaction Info?
  15. What Are The Qualifications And Requirements For Station Agent And Conductor Again? I Cant Find It Thanks In Advance.
  16. Promotional Exam? I Thought This Test Was Strictly Open Competitive
  17. Can Someone Please Tell Me All The Paper Work They Will Ak For When They Finally Do Call? i.e. Birth Certificate, Social Security, Etc..
  18. Wow I Only Got 3 Points Higher And My List Numbers 1943, 3727 For A 93?? That Sucks
  19. BTW How Come The List Numbers Came Out So Fast?? (Not That Im Complaining) I Wasnt Expecting It Till December At Least
  20. So I Got My Test Score And List Number Today For The Conductor 8094 Exam Score: 96 List Number: 1943 GPR No: 000 How Good Is This??
  21. BTW I Took The Station Agent Test Also In June 08 And Its June 09 Still No List
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