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  1. You're looking at a red signal that's south of 77th Street. As the train approaches you, it covers the signal so you can't see it.
  2. What if the sky is just gray?
  3. They have to investigate and find the cause of the BIE.
  4. He's wearing one of the new vests. The MTA dropped IBNYS, which used to make the old vests. The new vests are now made in China.
  5. Maybe you'll find out if you ever become a train operator. This is the least of your worries. Focus on your school studies first.
  6. 1) When you move the controller from parallel to series, the rate of acceleration decreases since there is more resistance leading to less power being dissipated. It's just like the parallel and series circuits. I can't answer 2 but maybe someone else with experience can.
  7. Anyone know that 8th Street Bowery mission guy? I see him on the R too much.
  8. When the emergency brake is pulled, the train goes brakes in emergency. After that, the train operator is to try to recharge the train and see what happens. After that, it's either walk around the whole train to inspect or I don't know what happens. Someone else can clarify that. I know that if the emergency brake is pulled, they have to find which one was pulled and reset it. Then, the train can move.
  9. I don't think all those effects are really necessary. I do like seeing original unedited images, though.
  10. Or you could have kept recording to the point where the conductor opens the door and makes the announcement. That would make it seem more legit.
  11. Wow! Look at all this stuff I've been missing out on. Thanks for the superior coverage!
  12. If they're not gonna retire the R62, and you bring in more of your so called "R142s", what will be the use for the R62? Have it just sit there and bite dust? No. THINK. THINK. THINK. Train your brain to think logically. It will really help you throughout your whole life.
  13. Nothing new. Track fires happen all the time due to the morons who can't find the garbage bin on the platform when it is right next to them.
  14. Went around in two days and came up with these shots. Enjoy!
  15. What's that coming out of her short skirt in the second to last photo?
  16. Over the past few months, I've gotten quite lazy to upload and post photos here. But here are a few shots that I've taken lately. Enjoy!
  17. Your comment had nothing to do with the topic of this thread. Therefore, you're not contributing to shit. Moving on...
  18. Vandalism isn't only graffiti. I really don't give a shit if your family is part of the NYPD or government. You're not above the law. And who said everyone does it? It's just the foamers and you on here doing it. The normal railfans don't do this.
  19. Really now? Really? If you have nothing to contribute to this thread, don't post. Simple as that. Did you ever think about what you posted and where you posted it? This site is checked by transit supervisors and even NYPD. So you're just giving yourself away as a vandal. Good bye.
  20. Those knobs are not for you to turn.

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