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  1. Whats the pay rate? Its been so long I forgot lol
  2. YES ! Thank You ! Especially since this thread IS about the Conductor Exam...
  3. Wow the T/O is blew passed our list lol
  4. Does anyone about about (just a rough avg/est) of how many people they've been calling down to medical per month? Thanks for the response. Yea i'm definitely probably going to take it, if for no other reason once I turn it down thats it...if I truly feel like I don't want it...I could actually go back to what I'm doing now.
  5. I've waited so long for this...(about 9yrs since I took the test in 04' also and just missed getting called) and now im honestly struggling with whether or not I even want it ! Im currently making slightly more than what they're starting C/R's off with. But the main thing thats bothering me is pretty much the lack of a life im going to have. I remember what my pops went through..and growing up I barely saw him ! Was on a different line everyday..wacky hours....was always missing from every family vacation etc.. I like that I have the opportunity to grow..but man idk. ugh
  6. I think thats a little too early. Im 12 something and im not expecting to be called till like fall the earliest. Remember most of the time the list moves in waves...there are times when its fast and other times when its slow.
  7. Because people want to know 2 different things. The last # reached for appt is not the same as the last people called in for medical. For actual appt we're around 860..as for people being reached to go downtown for testing its passed 900. I think most are more concerned about the latter...
  8. Honestly, just give on it. I scored a 94 back in 2004 and had a list # in the 3000 range and didn't get called. Soooo many people take the test now, unless your under 3000 (and even that # isn't a guarantee) I wouldn't hold my breath. Never know..another test may come out soon just do better next time
  9. Thank man. I did re-take the test and my list # for this one is in the 1200 range...so im not too far away. That # is so much better than 3000 something lol. With that list # one would have thought I got a horrible score and I actually scored a 94 lol. I think my chances are far better this time for sure..
  10. I took the 2001 exam and just missed getting called and I remember my list # was in the 3000 range somewhere....
  11. Wow !! Haven't been on in a while..and I find out im on about 200 people away ! Nice !
  12. Im so ready to be called ugh !! This is my second go around with this as I took the test in 2004 and literally JUST missed being called...i scored a 94 but my list # was 3000+. This time around my list # is 12**. I know how to play the waiting game..just tired of playing it lol
  13. https://exam.nyct.com/psc/cgwprod_ex/EMPLOYEE/HRMS/c/HRS_HRAM.HRS_CE.GBL?&PAGE=HRS_CE_HM_PRE&NY_CGW_Type=E
  14. Oh yea? I remember him taking me to his job on "take you kid to work day"..even back when he was a C/R himself. I had the greatest time especially since I didnt get to see him much at that time because he was ALL OVER the place ! LOL. I thought my dad had one of the coolest jobs in the world and I still feel that way. List # 12**
  15. Starting pay rate went up again. These people need to hurry up and call meeeee ! lmao ! This wait is gonna kill me. But at least I have a better job right now then I did when I took the 04' test..so this wait wont be so bad
  16. Yea I understand the "why" behind it. Just saying that the ease of the exam contributes to all the high scores so even if you get a 95 it still may not be good enough to get in..
  17. I also think the test is too easy. The fact that its so "A, B, C" I think that also attributed to the high scores. When you have map in front of you, with questions like "What train/s stops at The South Ferry" LOL...not too many are gonna get that wrong
  18. Great news man ! Good luck ! Hope to be with you in the future...
  19. Can I just say how much it hurts that my list # is 12**...and I have the same score as the person with a list # of 666 ! LOL
  20. Just go to the DCAS website and go to the Exam archives...go to Conductor and it'll give u the information
  21. Well my pops is a T/O in the A division. Been in the for about a little over 20yrs now. He picks juggles between the and the . Sometimes he cant get the job he wants on the because someone with more seniority picks it first so he'll take a job on the . He picks based on money and convience. Both the and the are close to our house. Also time of shift is a factor as well. Now he likes being able to get home early so he has morning shift..I think his train leaves around 6am
  22. YES !!! Put them all in one class and lets get this list moving Lmao !!!
  23. Its going to be longer the 12 months. Not trying to burst anyones bubble here..your definitely going to be in. But much closer to 2yrs then 1. People have to remember..the promotional exam has to be completely exhausted first..then we go. To add to that..there is no set amount of people that will be called. It goes strictly by need.
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