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  1. True and I never said they should be subjected but that can happen anywhere to anyone. To take off a handful of days for it is ridiculous. And it's to be expected that people would do such a thing. Respect is a fading concept in any public environment. If you can't come to terms with the risks, don't take the job. And what makes a bus driver more special than any other worker? Do cops take time off? Do teachers? Do retail workers?
  2. I come from a family of MTA bus drivers and have friends whose father's work for the MTA. I can't imagine ANY of them being traumatized because someone spit on them. The idea of it is ridiculous and the papers even reported some guys only take off because they can. It's expected and worse stuff can and does happen. If you can't be prepared for things like that, you don't belong in that job field. This is New York City. Crap happens here all the time. No one's going to hold you by the hand. And FYI you can't really tell me what I can say and what I can't since I'm allowed to have something called an opinion. Were you even raised in New York City?
  3. Actually I was serious. I tripped him by accident and he kicked me for it even after I apologized. And even more so on a crowded platform, no one did anything to help either because the guy was deranged. It was on the Atlantic-Pacific platform on my way to work. Maybe next time you'll use what little brains you have before you use the internet.
  4. I don't see why they need to take off at all. I once got kicked by a crackhead on a platform once and I didn't take off from work over it.
  5. Sure it does. They have kids from Dewey, PS 212, Cavallaro and whatever mutant school system Lafayette became coming onto that bus line everyday. Not everyone takes the D train. And even generally the B64's removal is a horrible idea. First of all, why should it take 2 buses to go from Bensonhurst to Bay Ridge? Second of all, not only is the B82 unreliable but only every other bus even goes -into- Coney. AND with only having a bus line on Cropsey, the 82's going to be packed.
  6. Orion

    Hello, sorry for the lateness, but welcome to the forums, I'm guessing you like Ulmer Park? That depot is one of the best in the city. They got the ultimate RTS fleet, even though the boss made them all governed at 40MPH-45MPH.

  7. Ew I don't. To be blunt about it(and in a forum of guys, I'm probably gonna put my hoof in my mouth), guys in NYC bore me. I've had guys ask me out and times where I asked them out and they all have the same song and dance ending. You have the hipster skinny jean transplant from Williamsburg who think they're new yorkers and reek of gentrification. They try way too hard to be cool that it's sickening. You have the older versions of them in Park Slope. Then there's the Mr. "hey who needs a belt-- low pants" guy. Looks shouldn't count but I'm not gonna date someone lost in their over sized clothes with ladies underwear wrapped around their head or their head size displayed for all to see on their baseball caps. It just looks so stupid. There's the authentic Brooklyn type of guy who has his head so far up around back, you know he's got a girl for each day of the year and an F word for every sentence in some cases. And as for the good guy finishing last...it depends. There really is such a thing as being too nice. I've come across the good boring guy and the good guy who has a very creepy religion with examples I won't go into on this forum. I don't really see a need or want for a guy and I doubt I'll find one in my generation to my liking. I know I'm picky and sound like a snob but I don't really care. It's just entirely easier to be single.
  8. I don't mind the switch over since I can actually manage to watch channel 2 and 4 without plucking out my eyes but I hate the fact they extended the date for it. It's a total waste of money for people who should have been prepared for it. The stores don't have the money to keep buying them, only to hold them in stock because people can't afford to buy them even with the coupon. Other people didn't buy them because they let the coupon sit in their house and expire which either it's their own fault or the gov't should just accept the expired coupons. It's not an issue of not knowing what's up in the world because people have computers, radio and newspapers. And the newspapers are usually connected to the main local stations so it's the same thing as TV only without the news anchors on crack.
  9. Reliable is defined by what station. I can say a train is reliable if I were to grab it from it's first/last stop. Or the next to first/last stop. I can say it's reliable if I live at a stop that goes both local and express so I know I wont be going what?!! when my usual train bypasses me. I can say reliable depending what time of day I take it is and what day of the week. But regardless, everyone's gonna have a different answer.
  10. hope i did not offend you with my post.

  11. Thank you! Finally. And to Flushing Express, you're lucky those women didn't beat you to a pulp. I think it's entirely creepy you did that.
  12. Lol you deserved it. If you did that in an office for your boss, you would have been fired.
  13. Nice pics~ As nice as Citi Stadium looks, I doubt I'll ever go see the Mets there. I hate that Citi didn't keep the Shea name and the team itself has been disappointing in the last two years.
  14. The ones who walk around pointing upward with their mouths hanging open ready to catch flies. I once had a bunch of tourists looking up at the sky in wonder because there was sky writing up for a beer company. They(like 10 of them) all just stopped in the middle of the side walk, blocking my way and I had to get back to work from break. I shoved past them and told them to get the hell out of the way.
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