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  1. Nice. It's definitely got me curious about the A division. But that wont be for some time for me.
  2. I know. The first time i was in the sim the 160 was broken so they put us on the 142 simulator for the 7 line. That's why i said I was curiosity. I like that the master is in the middle.
  3. Oh you in A Division lol. Nice! How you like the R142s? I got a huge curiosity for em now that i got to play with the controller for one in the simulator
  4. It seems like a lot on paper but in actuality its just a few extra minutes in your checking the train. It will also depend on the equipment you get. Where is your practical gonna be? Mine was in Jamaica Yard
  5. I saw your hyperbole and raised you a whimsical remark. But I never believe myself so well versed in English that I can turn down a review session. Thanking you professor. I also see your point about being kicked in the face ala performance error. But this is where I point out in my observation most of those guys seem to know better than to try their acrobatics in a car where you have little room to move your arm let alone dance. The worst thing for an entertainer is audience injury as that results in money lost. As for how I feel about them...has anyone seen that barber shop quartet around? I wanna get them to perform at a surprise birthday party I wanna throw.
  6. I see enough people on the subway enjoying the dancers and musicians to believe its probably a numerical figure decently lower than 99.9%.
  7. Tis true. I had my medical today and passed with flying colors. Anyone who's in on the 31st see ya there!
  8. How much time did you have in between the time you got called for the medical and the actual appointment. I'm in California at the moment so this is important to me.
  9. I will be searching for insurance plans to switch to from my current deal. i think i got a raw deal now that i think of it
  10. "So remember that dude who tried to ban soda...but didn't and then tried to ban some other stuff I think like styrofoam but also didn't...?" "Uhm is he the same guy who tried to ban dog parks too?" "No..." "Then not really..."
  11. I see you've become even more educated since the last time I read a post from you.
  12. The alternatives in both cases were worse than he is IMO. I like Obama, just feel like he disappointed more than anything.
  13. I went for a D/T. My list number range 2010-2020
  14. Yeah it is December 16. I was at 180 on Wednesday. My guess is I'd end up in the January/Feb Class. That suits me fine. I'd like one last Christmas/Birthday before MTA stamps "Property of TA" on my forehead LOL
  15. Yeah and I'll even add that most of the people with their decent jobs didn't even go to college.
  16. Yeah i'd say no calls from MTA for the 2000s anytime this year.
  17. I'll vouch for this...carrying a C1 card these days myself...except now my credit score aint so low.
  18. At this point if they actually find him I will be shocked.
  19. If she can afford an Upper East Side apartment she can afford healthcare. I seriously love people who complain about costs when they're currently living in a 3K + /mo apartment in the swankiest part of town. Downscale to a place in Brooklyn for 1k then complain about costs.
  20. As far as affording anything goes I think if 1% of the military spending was re-allocated it would probably solve the problem there.
  21. That's the problem when it comes to any kind of change that would benefit the middle and lower class. The upper class that have been making bank off the way things are find themselves butthurt. Lobbyists are a big example as to why places like LaGuardia Airport will never see any kind of rail service; because the taxis currently make a killing transporting passengers to and from it.
  22. I'd back a single-payer system easily. I hate dealing with insurance companies on principle. I can say Medicaid has been good to me when I need it but I frankly don't like where i have to be in order to use it.
  23. Don't know what you're doing here then. We're mandated to do a lot of things by Federal Law already. I guess you haven't signed up for selective service nor do you pay taxes. Those are government mandates as well. Every man in this country has to sign up for selective service as mandated by the government. Every person who has an income is mandated to pay taxes as well. By law if you own a car you must have insurance and registration on that car...also mandated by law. Jury duty as well. Tons of stuff to spread out to if you're going to say something like that. But that's not my point. My point is you can't seem to place an argument without sounding ignorant and bitter. I don't care whether the position is for or against. If you can't discuss the topic respectfully you should back off.

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