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  1. Nice seeing ya again on Sunday. You and the other staff members really made this trip a lot of fun. Thanks a lot!

  2. super actually. How's things with you?

  3. I'm tired of this guy. Now all of a sudden he's justified because he's going to law school. F that. I'm taking this guy head on and showing him where he really stands.

  4. Thanks a lot man. I appreciate it.

  5. I noticed. He's not worth the words anymore. I just had to come out and tell him how ridiculous he is. If we're lucky he'll just disappear. He simply hates life and that's all there is to it. Thanks for the comments though. I do appreciate it.

  6. Thanks man! Much appreciated :)

  7. my signature is a japanese phrase taken from an anime called Yu-Gi-Oh 5d's. Thanks for the compliment.

  8. I'm late in answering ya! Thanks a lot man! I hope you been having good days. See ya around sometime.

  9. hey meant to say this a whole lot sooner. But it was nice meeting ya on that bus trip a while back with TexasDart and Justin

  10. Thanks a ton for the helpful info thus far. It's been great to get your insight.

  11. Glad to see you're doing alright. Good for you being accepting of help from others. Stay strong and remember you have friends.

  12. Hey no problem. I can't attend the trip tho. I was thinking of pushin my own trip back due to jetlag. Thank you for the welcome back.

  13. yeah i was actually. pretty fun trip i'd say.

  14. site supporter means I donated money to the website.

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