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  1. You haven't validated your point any more by calling it Osamacare. I don't really care about your opinion on the subject when you can't even be mature enough to use proper names in your argument. Everybody here is trying to be as civil as they can be in this discussion but you continue to just plop these baseless points and borderline racist comments. Then it's something of a wonder if someone can't see your point of view the way you want them to. That's the problem I have with generally anyone who has been against the AHCA or anything else Obama has wanted to do. Is they relate him to a terrorist who thought nothing of taking lives and brainwashing people into believing it was the right thing to do. I mean seriously where in your mind do you think this is the proper way to argue in ANY debate? And then you call other people shameless and accuse them of lacking pride. I'm willing to bet that man you saw in Harlem has more respect and class than anything you've displayed in this thread right now despite his appearance.
  2. Yeah. I don't even keep the screws in the case. I line em up on top of like a strip of electrical tape with the adhesive face up. bend the strip backwards at the end and I know they aren't going anywhere after that.
  3. Pretty much this. But I've never used an antistatic wristband before so I'm thinking its one of those things you're supposed to do in a professional environment as added precaution. I been in IT for a long time and even in the office I rarely see them. Have you built anything recently? I could use an opinion on AMD processors if you got some pointers available. I'm thinking about upgrading the chip on mine since the motherboard is able to handle something about 2 gens higher.
  4. I'm gonna add banks and insurance firms to your list or even go so far as to say companies across the board in nearly every field of employment are pulling this shit. Other than that its just as you said.
  5. Yeah I was amazed that anyone even thought to propose something like that.
  6. I don't care who's fault it is. These a**holes need to get back in their seats and work or let people who actually want to help the country take over.
  7. Yeah really...except for those three years to prepare for it, that Republican representatives did everything in their power to stop it, including attempting to repeal it 41 times and the Supreme Court looked over it. That's a pretty gentle ramming.
  8. So wait. You're tellin' me we can vote on bills that the House and Senate try to pass? When was someone gonna tell me this? I didn't know. Did you vote against ACA?
  9. I didn't see it so I can't say for sure. So don't take this as me defending Pelosi. But sometimes an idea needs to have its beta run before its tweaked to perfection. There are some things that shouldn't even hit us before its worked out. I believe that much too. It's as I said in a previous post. If our current group of reps showed a better track record of working on things I'd welcome this approach easily. Because a unified government working on things for the people maybe won't get it right on the first try but we'd have an easier time accepting things they propose because we'd have confidence in their ability to work on the fix to make it better.
  10. What's funny is there's a large number of people who don't vote at all. It would be interesting if there were a way for ordinary people who haven't played the game to start just campaigning and getting their name out there. With the way the internet is we don't even have to travel around anymore to communicate with people.
  11. Yes really. Because we have that much power over what these people do after they've seduced us into voting for them.
  12. At this point I'm more worried about us having a functioning government period. The thing about legislature is it can be amended. And a functioning government wouldn't have a problem amending legislature that needs such. It might even be easier to make changes once its actually in effect. I'd actually welcome this approach if I had any sort of faith in our current group of monkeys.
  13. This is ridiculous. Forget about ACA even being involved. To be willing to go this far on any bill just speaks volumes. But considering the way things have gone in the last few years I'm not even surprised. I'm just ashamed. This is akin to "I can't have my way so we'll make sure nobody does", basically a 2 year old tantrum being thrown by adults. And at the end of the day they still get their pay so heaven forbid they suffer like the rest of us. Did you really just call it Osamacare? At least argue your point with some maturity.
  14. Trainman and Realizm, you two have easily become my favorite posters on this board. I can't write my posts nearly as well thought as you two do. You've repeatedly managed to expand my opinion into words that better describe what I want to say. /end fan letter Anyway, none of this surprises me. I've always operated on the internet under the impression anything I say or do is being monitored. I just hope I'm already in my grave when the inevitable disaster from all this occurs.
  15. I think if i come in to work every day, show I know what I'm doing and make the effort to put out consistent good performance that I should be paid enough to make my rent. I think anyone who does the same should be too. I'm almost getting the sense that people think fast food workers are like the scum of the earth or something. Like they don't deserve a decent living. They aren't the only ones out there working for minimum wage to deal with the thankless public. Which is why I'm expanding the picture. This problem flies across across a much bigger board. I worked in home care. You literally can spend 10-16 hours a day to be a care giver to a total stranger; feeding & bathing them in the case of disabilities of the physical variety. Putting up with their fits of rage, because people who can't take care of themselves may do just that, and sustaining actual injuries Pay wages for those who did that averaged around 7.15/hr. Jobs like these take actual effort, take actual patience and the ability to think on your feet. I hardly think any of that is something that comes easy. The protesters are asking for livable wages and the ability to take care of themselves if they get sick, not cushy bonuses and office space.
  16. I think wages in general need to go up. It seems like anyone who isn't an exec lately is underpaid. I don't care how the company is 'making ends meet' when the vast majority are reporting high profits. Fact of the matter is cost of living in general is going up, the amount of work one person has to do at their job is doubling. Anyone who says they aren't doing the work of two or more people is either lying or lucky. Also for those of you who use the school excuse; forget school. Find a way to get work experience. There are tons of people going through school who can't get jobs because most if not all companies seem to want people that can hit the ground running. In that same token, isn't education quality on a decline in schools these days? I don't wanna pay money to sit in a class room being taught by someone who doesn't know their shit or how to properly teach it if I'm better of reading books, taking a few side jobs off craigslist and learning it better that way. Hell some of the teachers seem like they don't even care if they are doing it right. I've seen that in schools too. I know people who don't have that paper; they are self taught and they can do a job better than someone that's been in a class room for years or people who have multiple degrees. I've been in IT for 7 years. I don't have a degree. All i hear when I interview is "Do you have experience with...". I've had maybe two out of every 16 job interviews i've done actually give two shits about schooling. IT IMO is a skilled trade and I'm seeing appalling numbers like 10-15 an hour; job requirements like having a car and being willing to wear and tear it in the CT/NY area (keep in mind this is 10-15/hr i've seen)...no mileage reimbursement...no toll reimbursement...certainly no benefits and your status is contractor. So OT Is usually straight or even no extra pay and sometimes they make it mandatory. I don't believe CEOs are struggling to make ends meet. I refuse to believe it. It's pure greed, especially when the company turns out record profits each and every year during a recession. McDonalds can afford the wage increase. Shit in the pan for them. A lot of these companies can afford to pay their workers more across the board no matter what their title is and I believe it's deserved. Every person who wakes up in the morning to drag themselves to a job daily deserves a wage they can live on no matter what the job is. That's what this is about and I agree with it.
  17. It's funny. I didn't even know this program existed till I started reading about it online a week ago. I've never been stopped and frisked before. I've had my bag checked at turnstiles by cops before but that's a basketball of a different color me thinks.
  18. I filled out a form and gave it in. That's all i cared about. Glad i didn't bother to get dressed up. I kinda knew I wouldn't actually get to speak to anyone. I agree with the person who said the Javits center would be better. I was thinking that as i arrived at 116th street.
  19. Poor Weiner. All he wants to do is wet his wiener with some hot text to cool the stress of politics and here's everybody trying to roast the Weiner.
  20. He can save whoever he wants to. Still doesn't change the fact he has to live in hiding as long as he stays in Florida; or hell maybe even this country. I feel sorry for him if anything.
  21. Sounds like you need a new direction in life. not an end. I'm terrible with suicidal thoughts and people so I'm leaving it at that. If you reached a crossroad, try a direction you never thought of.
  22. Eh I feel sorry for the family that has to suffer with this verdict. Zimmerman has to live with knowing what actually happened that night and the hatred that will surround him by the people who believe he was in the wrong. Not how I'd wanna live.
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