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  1. With our luck this push will backfire and the MTA will just cut back the further or something.
  2. Even with an R32 its just ok at best. Don't know about you but I can only enjoy the train car for so long.
  3. You know how difficult it is to find a decent room let alone an apartment in this city? You could start 6 months in an advance and still be looking when the time comes. Fake ads, outrageous broker fees, brokers who don't return calls. I could go into how tough it is to find a sane roommate in this city as well. Not to mention all the ads i've seen that specifically say "female roommate only".
  4. My point is there are alternative options that are just as good if not better than whats been suggested right now. Those are hardly good excuses not to consider them.
  5. There are already plenty of buses that pull right up to the ferry terminal. And what the hell? It's a 5-10 minute walk from the closest stations to that terminal. People need to just get the damned exercise already.
  6. Hmm I've seen that guy before myself. I wish I could remember which station though
  7. I'd hide after that embarrassing tryout for the presidency too.
  8. Well so far nobody from the government has tried to A: take me hostage. B: break into my home. C: snatch my bag from me on the subway. D: fire shots at me. Somehow I'm not so sure the government is who I should be worried about
  9. its all for show. if they REALLY wanted to do this, they'd have pulled a broadway junction and started installing more timers @ stations. Brilliant idea though. While we're at it lets have buses go 5 miles an hour so they dont run the risk of running over pedestrians and small children...
  10. I do it all the time. Nobody cares. If I see the uptown six just left I'll go sit on the one getting ready to circle the loop.
  11. You mean that isn't happening already?? and lets be honest. what if it is? How many of us here are honestly wondering who's watching us as we go about our daily lives? I don't know about you but I don't find myself looking over my shoulder all the time as I walk around. This is one of those things nobody really thinks about until its brought up for discussion; unless they're paranoid/got something to hide/an extreme activist
  12. LOL @ trying to save time on the express. Listen. I go to a friend's place on 72nd street and amsterdam quite often after work. If I got my seat on the I'm keeping my seat. Screw standing up in a packed car to save less than 5 minutes. I don't know why people trouble themselves doing otherwise but I'm happy they do. I don't rush for anything anymore. This system has a habit of working against those in a hurry. Allow me to tell you I told you so while my local cruises on by your stalled express train in the tunnel.
  13. It's not that you're not allowed to. It's just considered unbecoming behavior of men.
  14. The one time I went to use a subway bathroom, I walked in on a guy naked with a big black trashbag wrapped around his middle region washing his face. Alex, I'll take 'Pay Extra $2.25' for 200.
  15. I don't know where people get this idea that defending oneself has to involve excessive violence. It should be enough to subdue the person.
  16. Why are you asking this question?
  17. Fixed. I very much enjoyed Krillin saving a helpless girl and her son brother Cell. I very much enjoyed Tien using Tri-beam to blast square holes in the ground that kept Cell at bay considering he was supposed to be weak. I very much enjoyed Goku actually not being the one to beat the bad guy for once. Cell Games is really where I would have ended it. Goku dead, Gohan the new hero and Trunks saving his time from the androids.
  18. Don't most public high schools have metal detectors nowadays already? I see home schooling becoming very popular soon.
  19. I'm so glad i don't have to grow up in this day and age. I didn't have to worry about this crap growing up. People must have actually had sense back in the day or something. Sure let's make our kids feel more like they go to class in prisons or something. It's not that difficult. Just make it more difficult for nutcases to get their hands on guns.
  20. Eh IMO Guns never solve a problem they didn't cause in the first place. But the right to own one is there for a reason. The thing about rights is you don't have to exercise them. This is one I don't exercise for my own reasons and I don't think a ban would solve anything. Bans have had a history of making things worse in this country. But it don't take a rocket scientist to realize that the occurrence of shootings has become far too frequent. Something needs to be done. Now for all you guys who are against a ban for whatever reason, I'd like to see you actually propose a solution to this problem that doesn't involve every man woman and child simply just having one on their person. Because that won't reduce the number of gun related incidents either.
  21. I pretend GT doesn't exist. It butchered everything good about DB/Z and made it about Goku. News flash animators; some of us like to see the other characters do something other than get knocked out by a single kick/punch or energy blast. Funimation doesnt really make any of this stuff either. They just dub it from what I understand. So what you really should be asking is should Akira Toriyama make a new series. Which honestly as long as he's directly involved I'll say yes.
  22. I owe about 3k nowadays. its been a work in progress but i see the home stretch
  23. It's a start and I'm a believer in 'every little bit helps'. How many people can pay off their debt in a lump sum. It takes time. Personally, I'm fine with the coins. I like them more than the bill anyway.
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