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  1. I'm in that picture. Guess which one is me. By the time I got out of there, the snow drifts were halfway up my thighs. And I'm 6'2".
  3. To the new jacks, welcome aboard. Enjoy Schoolcar. It was a blast. I am still close with my T/O classmates, and my TSS classmates. Ask the questions. It's better to ask instead of not knowing, doing something dumb, and then having to talk to people like me. Turn your brain into a sponge. Learn from the good ones so you know what to do, and learn from the bad ones so you know what NOT to do. I have an open door policy, so feel free to pick my brain if you see me out there in the field. (I'm on the PMs, on 3 of the 4 lines that have a yellow bullet.) And be careful out there.
  4. That is correct; he died on his way to work in 2017(ish). The nicest guy down here, and very humble too. The one day, he was working an RDO, and he asked me (of all people) for some pointers on the since he knew it was my line.
  5. Peruse this link. I wrote it when I went through Schoolcar almost 8 years ago. Things have changed, but it'll show a pretty good idea of what you'll be going through. Not trying to toot my own horn here.
  6. Folks. I survived the Hiring Freeze of 2010. I took the T/O Test in 2009, was number 56. Called October 2012. It has been said, ad nauseum, on this page by those of us here. Patience.
  7. He's the only person on the planet I can't keep up with when I'm walking. It was great the week we worked together. None of the students kept up with us.
  8. No one is admitted after 1 am. The passengers that are already on the train at that time have to get off when the train gets to the terminal.
  9. My condolences, @beanz. If the student messes up (hits a signal, overrun), it is not on the trainer. Trust me on this one. Schoolcar is not always a safety net; depending on the number of infractions and what they are, the probie can get terminated. I know people aren't perfect. Just do your job to the best of your ability, and don't lie if something happens. Managers will come down harder on you if you lie; down here, the cover-up is worse than the crime. DO NOT USE THAT SITE! As for everyone else: HAVE PATIENCE. I was on the list from the 2009 test. I didn't get hired until 2012 because of the hiring freeze, and that's even with my list number being 56. There is going to be (another) wave of mass retirements once The Plague settles down; it is starting to happen now. Sit back and wait. It will come to you. Trust me (and @RTOMan will back me up on this one).
  10. The R32s are retired and are NOT coming out to play. Sorry to get your hopes up (including mine, since I told my boss I was gonna take one for a joyride). Trains will be running normal, with some adjustments since the junkboxes, er, 179s, are having their lemon issues (again).
  11. Not likely, since there is work on CPW most weekends anyway.
  12. The issue people have with R68As is not trusting the train. They take a brake, and since it's not instant, take more brake. The more brake you take, the longer it takes to kick in. Now you have too much brake, release it all, and poof, you're out. If you have at least 15 lbs in the tank, the train will stop where you want it to. You just have to be patient and let the brake kick in. When releasing, never go beyond the snowbrake notch. This ensures you have air in the tank. The R68As have good brakes. You just have to be a little patient and wait for them to kick in. R62s are a little easier than the R68As. But it's only going to be mastered with practice, practice, and practice.

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