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  1. No one unfortunately. Schedules were basically shed to near nothing, with unreliable service that scared off what was left of the ridership. Perhaps a select extension of a few 186s north of the current Dumont terminus, but that's about it, if anything.
  2. Highly unlikely - they're stretched as is with their line run business since their split with Greyhound. When they go out completely - this is now a when vs. an if, we may see a new carrier enter the mix - Trans Express/National Express would be my bet.
  3. They're based in Perth Amboy and mostly run the SIM 23/24 - augments the Canadian buses (the lower 1900s), which have been a disaster....
  4. Coinciding with the pool split on Wed. September 27th, Greyhound is re-launching service from the GWB Bus Station with service to Boston, Hartford, Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington DC. Service will operate 2-6x a day for each location based on the day of the week. All buses are running as through schedules into and out of the GWB, starting in DC, Philly or Boston. No buses from the Port are "scheduled" to stop at the GWB. Greyhound previously operated service from the GWB in the late 90s.
  5. Three reasons: 1. The town of Bridgewater just opened a new park and ride location 2. They primarily serve overflow from Trans-Bridge in Branchburg 3. (Internally) - they need to get more of their buses into the city for their midday charter work
  6. Academy ending this service after 23 years is just as much about them solving their logistical problems as it is about declining ridership and lower profits.
  7. Bolt is and has been a standalone entity owned and operated by Greyhound and will stay that way. The buses (save for the 15 D4505's from PP) are owned by Greyhound and all of the employees are paid by Greyhound.
  8. 8938-8940 are now Hoboken based at Academy. Not sure if Toms River received anything in return. They received a few - mostly used on the Route 9 work they cover.
  9. Greyhound charges that fare because it's not primarily an intercity or commuter route (NY-AC). It's primary role is a express service to the casinos. Upwards of 90% of the clientele taking those buses are going to one of the five casinos that still "greet" buses and purchased a round trip. Since that's their primary business, they charge the market rate equivalent based on time and distance for the one way. If you search on greyhound.com, most of the city pairs that are within mileage range of AC from NYC (i.e. Wilmington, Albany, Hartford), are approximately the same price give or take $5. Nearly all of the terminal-based passengers are one way or "thru" connecting from NYC, Philly or DC from other locations, or one ways. The price has absolutely nothing to do with competition anymore. The Greyhound fare has stayed the same for almost 5 years now - except for the Friday night surcharge of $45 round trip implemented two or three years ago. Up until the early 2000s Greyhound was competing with Academy on price on this route - this was when AC was still a "casino bus" town, prior to the PA casinos opening and Empire and Aqueduct in NYC. They would match each other dollar for dollar, schedule for schedule.
  10. Follow up post on what matters more, bandwidth or the network. Check it out here. What do you think is more important?
  11. It's still going to be quite a while before that happens. Not only does a huge amount of dedicated funding need to be allocated for infrastructure improvements and new projects, but there has to be an overwhelmingly positive response from both sides of the aisle.
  12. If you're like me and have taken any intercity bus (Bolt, Mega, 'Hound, etc.) and tried the wi-fi, it was slow at best. I thought it would be a good idea to discuss the reasons why this happens. This is first of a three part series on wi-fi usage on buses and the issues passengers may encounter. Check it out Here
  13. They are almost always signed for Parkway Express during the week, so I'm not sure. The Forked River runs are primarily out of Pomona, the Monmouth runs out of Toms River and Pomona, and the PNC runs are from Leonardo. Leonardo doesn't have them and Pomona doesn't use them on a regular basis for AC - even though they are put on those runs on Saturdays. I don't know.
  14. Gate 84 is definitely not the solution - no one wants to be there. It comes down to logistics and practicality, can everyone be accommodated in such tight quarters? No they cannot. Also, if you have ever witnessed the Philadelphia stop location at 30th Street, you would know that having both companies at the same area is not good - too many buses, too much volume. The wild card is the community - you have to remember that whatever you do has an impact. Having an operator run close to 100 schedules on peak days can be trying, but then double that and what do you get? Discontentment, complaints, accidents, stress, and lack of communication. You need the community on your side, and by the way both companies operate, neither one has many friends there. Bolt's moving eventually - they've been told this for quite some time. The DOT and community suggested locations, but time will tell. Judging by the lines of people on 10th and 40th, the demand will follow.
  15. Alright, so how about the Bergen Avenue Local now operated by A&C. (Didn't see the part about "private" earlier).
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