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  1. As I remember from school car giving directions isn't a job requirement from c/r's, Alex can correct me on this one. I know some c/r's who don't give directions, they tel the customer to go ask the station agent. I defense of that c/r, he or she could have been brand new out of school car. I remember when I was new, I could barely remember the line I was on, anf the stops that were on my line, much less give some one directions. Now days I carry a map with me, for there is no way I can remember all the stops or transfere points. Alot of times if I don't have time to figrue out the the directions I will ask the customer to step on the train, and in between stops I will look at the map and figure out a route for them. The hardest is language, sometimes I have to ask them 2 or 3 times "where are you going?", some time those customers get upset because you don't understand them. The hardest to under stand are Chinese, alot of time I don't have an idea of what they are saying. The good thing aboutit is that most the time they are going to Grand St., or Canal St. When I give direction, I think of the customer as my mother or sister and they are lost at 2:00 am I would want to make sure they get good directs so they arrive safely.
  2. You are right 12hrs for xxlist, 10hrs for xlist, 8hrs for everyone else, not including travel time. If you are on restriction, they don't have to give you platform duty. If they are no position open, you stay home, and use sick time if you have any, I guess. If you do get restrictive platform duty, I guaranty it won't be close to where you live. One one my class mate was on restriction of 3 months, he lived in Brooklyn. Of all the places he could be sent in Brooklyn, the crew office sent he to Queens Plaza for crowd control, or Pason Acher.

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