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  1. Do you have any picture of the show and going to happen to mta buses.
  2. Hey I like the pictures but how was the show
  3. I miss that bus yesterday at 10:30am and I was at (Bowling Green) on State st and Bridge st. I saw it but it was to late to get on it.
  4. I didn't know that m100 goes to 1ave & 125 street
  5. Are they getting RTS now or they just holding them for some other depot
  6. I think it would be good for thoes who live in Bay Ridge but if they have R train why should L train go there. I think they should get read of Z train and put that one there in stead or the V train. One those deleted train should be in that place if this should happened.
  7. So that means that A/C will not be anymore R32s but will be 160A for now with the whole fleet at Sutter Ave depot right
  8. what happen to the Bergen Bus IBOA line. Is that line still here and what bus is coming from there.
  9. When is NJT Depot Roster going to be change. I'm sorry I didn't look please forgive me on that
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