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  1. Was emailed this link, has alot of interesting NYC stuff. What is NYC without the subway?? Check out these articles, pretty cool in my opinion.. The Ruins of Old Union Square http://www.scoutingny.com/?p=6712 These go through the locations of the movie.. 'The Warriors' movie- Part 1 http://www.scoutingny.com/?p=6629 'The Warriors' movie- Part 2 http://www.scoutingny.com/?p=6633 'The Warriors' movie- Part 3 http://www.scoutingny.com/?p=6667
  2. LIPA powers the Rockaways. This is why no tech trains canbe used out there. Something with the power being different than ConEd that re-boots the computers..
  3. Put 86st on the 'to do' list. Sandy waiting for the train.. (not my pic, was sent to me)
  4. Rail Museum experience doesnt translate to active railroad work. A relative was HVAC certified, got hired by Bombardier as a road tech because the computer/controls programming isnt much different. Eventually he got accepted into NJ transit engineer program, and works as a loco engineer now.. Aquire some relative skills, and it will help your applications..
  5. Lets see what the rocket scientists who decided we needed fully coputerized equipment do now. From my automotive experience, water & electronics will all be junk. It may fire up & run, for now, but eventually the corrosion will set in & fail the components with no specific timetable. Bye Bye MTF statistic!
  6. Don't Limit yourself to T/O, B/O or anything. Take any test you qualify for. You can take ANY open competetive test once your an employee
  7. True, If you have a clean record, it wouldnt be a problem. Any past issues, they can refuse to offer you a position again. CI is a good title, If I wasnt a TO i'd go for it myself. You'll find RCI/CIs that know thier stuff, try to learn from them.
  8. with 22 posts, 'Answers' is holding court, step to it! LOL! NYCTA will adjust that attitude quickly, or you'll be just a rider again, plenty of people behind you.. Forget planning anything, its a bit like the military everyone has wants, you do as TA needs.. They'll tell & teach you all you need to know one way or another, if you can take the time out of your buzy schedule.. Welcome to the TA!
  9. Hey! Get that guy to 2 Broadway ASAP.. He forgot the MTA mantra of " based on a net zero wage increase for labor"..
  10. S--T happens to everyone, in every job, we're all only human... If your abusing a substance, your not thinking straight to begin with.. Not justfying his actions in any way, but its the way life goes.
  11. Well accordint to the haters or NY Post, you go about it this way.. You drop a dime to your 'Uncle' working down 2 Broadway, tell' im you needa cushy MTA job cuz you wanna make 6 digits while doing not much. You take classes in rudeness, unattentiveness, & slovenly behavior at the union hall, then show-up for work after a 36 hour bender and let them busses or trains roll, & You'll be livin' large like all us MTA employees.. (Turning sarchasm button off now...) The proper procedures were posted. I tell anyone, even those not interested in the MTA, to file for a test. Its years before you get a call ususally, and nobdy has a a crystal ball, except for billy crystal of course..
  12. Until public transportation ins NYC is viewed as policing, fire, dot, & sanitation, we will continue tossing the political football of funding. The stock transfer tax would raise $300 million annually, toss in congestion pricing for downtown, and throw a tax on super exorbitant manhattan real estate, and you have some cash to start with.. BUT Bloomy & Albany wont go with this, since thier social crowd wiould wind up paying a good share..
  13. The reply I recieved from 'Mr. Jim'.. " The Car #s are 3990-91 and this pair was damaged in a collision at Coney Island Yard in 1972.These cars were damaged beyond repair and these cars were scrapped on 10/20/1980.The other pair i mentioned,#s4000-4001 were also damaged in a collision at 207th Street Yard circa 1971 and these cars were scrapped."
  14. If it looks like sh=t, tastes like sh=t, smells like sh=t, gues what?? This 'investigation' goes much deeper than being told. No agency is willing to go after MTA for ANY law violations because MTA IS NY State. The workers & low level supervisors are being put up to show the investigation produced results, just not all the results are being publicly disclosed.. Think about it. If MTA corporate WAS publicly held responsible, how much could a couple billion dollar company be assesed in fines?? If the eployees are held solely responsible, it lessions liability/financal obligations considerably..
  15. Hope the TA does'nt give the man gruff for using his cell phone or camera while on the tracks. I'm sure he'll think twice about saving the kitty next time & worry bout his own @ss.. Should let that cat go in Parsons Archer E line terminal, fatten 'em up on some jamaican rats!
  16. If you consider wait time for service to avoid tunnel, its prob a wash. Listen to another song on the ipod & forget about the time..
  17. Sent link to pic to friends to see if they know details..
  18. They were the fastest 'brake handle' trains I operated.. Fast accelerationwith high top end. Always loved the BIG windows of the cab. I had a pic of one as delivered but can't find it now, as usual..If you look on the following link, you can see the Slants though the years with modifications. Just learned that the amazing Raymond Loewy designed the slants! He was responsible for the PRR GG1s & Studebaker Avante.. Very interesting indeed.. I have som pics of the last one I operated in the gallery.. http://www.nycsubway.org/wiki/R-40_--_R-40M_%28St._Louis_Car%29
  19. Essentially, employees are expected to act like we own some mom & pop business & sacrifice, while MTA writes contracts for millions to contractors & vendors. It's even more sickening when scaning through MTA payroll records on SeeThroughNY.com that NYCT employees are the LOWEST paid of all agencies, yet move MOST of the MTA's customer base on a daily basis.. I believe mass transit in NYC nees to be redefined as a city 'necessity' service as NYPD, NYFD, & Sanitation, not some 'luxury' benefit for the city before we see any respect come our way from management.
  20. This is a problem with the actual logistics of moving millions of people. Field supervisors are scrambling to get ANY service running asap, sometimes with some luck, othertimes not. Calling in to the appropriate tower where the dedicated announcers actually are IS not a priority, getting trains moving is.. The communications betweens train persoanell, towers & control center gets hairy sometimes, any 'misinterpretation' of orders, andsomething goes 'south' or bad, the train operator IS first one holding the bag of responsibility until the pending invevestigation is completed. Knowing this, we absolutely make sure that everyone is on the same page before moving a train to protect out jobs..
  21. Depends on the job applying for. If they can force employees who become disabled to accept other job titles, I can't see them accomodating a new hire for the title.
  22. NY1 VIDEO: Inside City Hall’s Errol Louis dove into the labor talks between the transit workers union and the Metropolitan Transportation Authority with the president of the Transport Workers Union Local 100, John Samuelsen. http://www.ny1.com/content/news_beats/inside_city_hall/165765/ny1-online--talking-labor-with-twu-president
  23. 'Out of service'/layed-up trains relocated underground when heavy snow/cold weather expected..
  24. Provided you passed the test, you will continue working until they get to your list number. If they don't, don't fret, there are provisionals at transit with double digit service years. If they have a lay-off, you WILL loose your employment, but not really likely. If your working by now, find the TWU/ATU rep at your location to get more info.
  25. They're looking for 'abuse' type drugs & alcohol really. Bring your script bottles with you, but you probaly wont need them. Medical holds ARE NOT the worst thing. Once hired, you can file a grievance & can usually get your seniority restored to where you would have been on the senioity roster had you not been put on hold.

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