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  1. What most people don't want to admit is, hourly employees make the system work efficiently, and when mass transit flows, the city hustles.. We do our thing everyday as transit professionals, operating under all conditions and need to respond as such, from sick passengers, car accidents, fires, lost kids, mechanical disruptions.. You name it, we handle it. If there's a fire at your workplace, what's your responsibility? evacuate. Ours? Ensure our passengers can get to safety without further endangering themselves, other passengers, and us. Furthermore, any action we take will be re-evaluated in depth by transit lawyers, god forbid someone is hurt, all in a way to lessen liability & put it solely on the employee's back.. all this for, what? Being told 'We didn't budget any raises for labor, but we've entered into 1.2 billion in contracts with vendors & private contractors?' More food for thought, If came out & said ALL employees are getting 1-2% raises from the newest hire, to the chairman, & presidents of all divisions, TWU probably wouldn't be so happy but feel like everyone is getting the same deal. The reality is, management WILL get substantial raises, annuity contributions, and for some, housing allowances in the $4k month range..
  2. Interesting they released such detailed info on operations & stuff.. If they had such a straight forward approach explaining where they get & spend their money, more people might trust them a bit more, including the employees..
  3. You need a Union officer to sign it, which in the field are like winning lottery tickets.. The union is representing 45-47 groups, and pick & choose who gets fights faught.. RTO isn't a Roger T support powerhouse, so our issues get back burnered.. Plus, I'm sure most people don't know who to immediately contact, like a steward, during an incident, other than calling the union hall tele #.. It's a very starnge situation, not like any other union I've known..
  4. That's why passenger drags were so common in the day..
  5. I saw the topic, I though ya had pics of the Fulton St. Cat! I saw it twice, people used to put out cans of food out by the colums for it.. It lived under the s/b platform on the , would be on the roadbed as I entered station, then jump into a hole/niche under the plat..
  6. True.. But I haven't stopped my or there to run up & grab a bite.. If I do, I'm sure you'll hear about me on the news.. When I had ( jobs that had midday service out of 145, Devlins was my go-to spot, so I associate it as such.. Sorry bout that..
  7. I'd say screw the job.. Honestly.. You can work 'for' transit as an white collar outside contractor and be better off financially.. There are contractors who solely bid on NYCT work exclusively, nothing else! I met one riding my over the williamsburg bridge.. I inquired what he did.. He said his company did the signals overhaul on the bridge after the June 95 collision.. He said they ONLY bid on TA work, and his father retired from thre outfit & never worked anywear else, only TA.. I'd start digging online, in who's winning the signals & CPM electrical contracts & try to get some info out of them, what they want for an entry lever position, & inquire about an internship/mentoring program..
  8. 145 st, Devin's fish & chips, right upstairs on St. Nicholas ave. between 147th & 148th. Nothing fancy, & the price is right!
  9. doesn't really care about seat colors, they care about bottom line costs. They design alot of stuff to be interchangeable, so they can order one part & use it across the fleet.. As for the color schemes created, most people NOT on this forum don't care if all the seats match, as long as the train gets them to thier stop on time with working a/c, they are happy.. As to the filthy car comments, sometimes not all cars get cleaned every night. An example is 4 car trains used for weekend service. They get hitched up early Monday morning sometime for AM Rush service on the & (V)lines, and stored somewhere on the main line. No cleaners work those hours, so you get 'less than clean cars' for the first runs..
  10. I'm not getting into specifics, but if his buddies held the doors open, the train will not move.. And since the Video'er knew to focus apparently on nothing, into the tunnel the train WOULD be leaving into, I'd say he had some help.. I would have paid money to see the kids face had the train been told to run express stops! 35+ MPH!!:eek::eek:
  11. If this guy ever suffers a fatality and the family tries to sue, I'll LMAO when presents enhanced security video from other stations showing how he contributed to his own demise, then counter-sues for incurred expenses! I'm sure 'he's on the honor roll and WOULD never do something like that' as well..
  12. At city hall, coming N/b, how come the south end of the station on the ®/(W) has that extra clearance for the right of way? Was the platform reconfigured & slimmed down at one time to reduce the tight radius the tracks would have taken had the hugged the wall?
  13. You already realized it was a R62, and signed up as There were (F)s on Both side of the platform.. The trains actually look clean on the outside.. There were almost all good looking white people on the train.. Who could dance & sing without, wearing ipods.. How much more fantasy stuff do you need to tell you it was recorded on a set & not live? In TV land, anything is possible!! B) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K1bKRMe8eE4
  14. No, not really anything new, we have lives outside of our jobs just as everyone else.. I know several hourlies that have completed higher education while working, one going as far as passing the Bar Exam..
  15. Awesome, the B&Ws & 'Sketch' images rocked..Gives me some ideas myself.. I know some cell phones do the Sketch Conversion, how did you do them?
  16. Oops! I goofed.. Sorry, Mark.. I'll try again.. Great shots, Mark!
  17. Yes, they have big spring clips that 'bite' onto a lip on the 3rd rail..
  18. First off, I have to clarify something out front here. We are discussing 'Getting paid traveling time ON THE JOB, within a work day', not commuting time to & from home, to the workplace. Similar to a cop riding in a patrol unit all day, or a delivery driver, TA workers commuting to various locations during a day is part of a regular day's work schedule, nothing special. It's not getting over, 'free pay' or anything 'extra' like the deal Board members get. On some job schedules, crews are responsible for 1 round trip, or a round trip, and a half, due to the nature of the service/scheduling. The Ta sometimes pays time to get ALMOST back in the time the job pays you for. Ta usually pays less than the actual travel time because they don't want to pay OT for traveling.. Other jobs, sometimes you finish your paid time at the other terminal from where you started & travel on your own time. Most jobs tho, are set up to start & finish, at the same location.
  19. As stated, ity just passed, but don't fret.. Take any Transit open competetive test.. You need to start counting the 25 years fro the pension. They can be in any title as a full time employee. When the TO test comes around, you can take it then..
  20. 8 out of 10 homeless subway system residents agree! Because it has pocket terminal tracks with no relays, once they set up on the , they're good to go! I'd have to vote it's gotta be one of the most ridden lines in the B divl by the working ridership too..
  21. NIMBYism, plain & simple. was PLANNED to go up to bayside in the 1929? plan.. Residents said 'Nope. we like it just the way it is..'
  22. Of course it is misconduct. Your using unofficial name for stops.. We are instructed on the proper announcement cycle..The Blue Book is real & blue! Whether we actually follow the script verbatum to the letter, that's a chance some take. Personally, in OPTO service, I dont usually follow blue book.. I announce what train & direction of travel/destination, current stop, connections, any GO related announcement & personal recomendations for travel, sometimes the next stop, and a 'Stand Clear!' for a closer.. But using the wrong names won't be tolerated..
  23. DITTO!! I will never pick xtra again.. EVER!! Funny story.. a new TO had an BIE incident, and said TSS responded.. When he introduced himself, TO said, 'I recognized you from the cab pictures!' :cry: Y a cant make this stuff up! He was cool with it, had TO go to the yard with him for the investigation, explaining alot of the various things to look for & they found out the tripping device had dropped on the bracket, so it was hanging low.. Two years in title at the application deadline I believe.. for the '04 TSS test, Classmates of mine registered, some sat for it, others got letters from DCAS prior to the test saying they were in-elegible due to time in title. The ones who took the test got a similar letter after they took the test.. I think they all lost the fee, we only had 18 months at the time.. I don't agree. I think 2 years is sufficient. I think the requirement should be enhanced to at least one pick in A,B & C divisions. As a TSS you are supposed to be able to respond system wide, to any train. No such title as "A" or "B" div TSS, just TSS..
  24. I did that job when I was a new.. The customers give ya really strange looks cranking signs when the train is in route..
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