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  1. To the best of my knowledge that rail serves two purposes; prevent the creeping of the cross ties/sleepers, especially on curves and help prevent a runaway truck should a derailment occur. That is not guard rail. The purpose of guard rail is to help guide the wheel flanges and is found directly adjacent to running rail. Although it doesn't serve the same purpose as the namesake it's more like gauntlet rail than guard rail.
  2. I won't raise any pitchforks over their adventuring through abandoned stations but the vandalism that can get others in trouble, hurt or killed is a completely abstract line. I can't say I'd shed a tear if they get themselves hurt though. Those train thieves whose pictures grace many a terminal aren't helpful to service either.
  3. Ya go up and down a particular track so often that differences in trash location pop up like visual anomalies. So do IJs and stop arms that receive fresh coats of paint.
  4. It's still called the line on General Orders
  5. ATO for the line in 2017? Just in time to barely keep pace.
  6. Fare beaters would annoy me and, when I was a Conductor, I'd make announcements pertaining to turnstile jumpers after seeing them board my train... then I thought; "If the MTA really wanted those fares they would have kept the Station Agents..." so I did a 180 with those announcements. Don't get the wrong idea... I smile like Venom™ when I see them getting arrested, there's a lot of hard working people paying their fares and can't claim it on their taxes.
  7. Entire crew can see the leaving end homeball at that station. If a Conductor works that line enough he'd know what lineup to expect there, too. The TO probably wasn't paying attention and just took the lineup and the CR played along or the TO expected the CR to make proper announcements so didn't make them himself... either way someone passed up on their responsibility.
  8. If that was the case then the inconvenience of placement was his brain and lack of sense.
  9. 1. You don't swipe at 96th Street because you were smart enough to get a transfer ticket from a Station Agent when leaving 149th GC allowing you free entry. 2. You used your transfer, I'd be sure you'll be charged again at 63rd St-Lexington.
  10. That's crazy. That shifted the tracks over a couple of inches, too.
  11. It happens when both parents have to work to pay off the debt of the previous two generations then, in step, spend beyond their own means?
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