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  1. Yes however both links reffer back to his now defunct website.
  2. Does anyone have the richegreen NJT/SEPTA PDF map? I use to have a copy on my old laptop but is no longer useable and the data on the hard drive is not recoverable.
  3. Also theres a huge 900 bus order pending with LACMTA, and theres still roughly 750 Compo bus options still on the table with LACMTA who has been taking some of them.
  4. Out in LA they managed to put bus lanes at street level in for the Orange Line and have many miles of bus lanes built into highways.
  5. Portions of the IRT system built during the Dual Contract era are built to BMT/IND clearances
  6. Same model, just a different option show aka the roof shroud avilable on any LFR model above 35 ft in length. As for the doors its 2 or 3 and I believe, if wanted left side doors can be added.
  7. Ive been wondering how many people actually care what takes them where they have to go, say for example the old Brooklyn Els (Myrtle, Lexington, Fulton, 5th, and over the Brooklyn Bridge) and the Manhattan Els (2nd, 3rd, 6th and 9th) were back in place. Now how many of you would take them over the current system or take the current system over them and why?
  8. The front end is fine with framed its just the back since it has the lines for frameless windows over say the LFR sides and if it wasnt for that it would be able to pull off framed windows.
  9. Meh, its prolly a good bus in an ugly skin, I woulda had a top stripe with a front strip similar to what Septa has.
  10. Same statement applies, start in one area get it established then move on, not one here one there all over the d@mn place.
  11. A MILLION NOS!!!!! I mean really to start off you start small and stay in one area then you expand into the next. As for tunnels and bridges you should stay off highways with such equipment due to the wires UNLESS it was on its own ROW in a sense bus lanes with private on and off ramps. Now as for me id start in Manhattan since most, well some have bus lanes and those can be converted and have rail laid. Also Manhattan has a grid system which, along with a spoke n hub system, are easy to convert instead of routes all over the place.
  12. Smh at the people that think trolleys can replace a subway. In reality it replaces buses, even though trolleys require a big down payment in which you later make your money back by not having to buy diesel and such. Now for buses, their cheap but you never know what the price of diesel will be say a year from now compared to electric which tends to be cheaper and a small amount goes a long way compared to under 10 MPG.
  13. Of all the stupid sh!t the MTA has done....smh....grow some balls and get the LFR like what Septa did gosh, you can't always have companies yielding to your every wim.
  14. You know you're addicted to the subway if you know where ever route is based the cars it uses.
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