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  1. You ************. This is why SubChat is better. You f**kers on this website don't know respect or the technical details of the NYC Subway.
  2. So what? Who gives a damn what you think, you ************.
  3. I'm curious though as to what made the City decide to build an extension over to Grant Avenue rather than just finish what they had already started, since the four tracks that were supposed to continue along Pitkin Avenue dead-end at the bumper block. On the days that SMEEs ran on the I would look out the window and see the tracks that continued under Pitkin Aveue before the train switches to the Grant Avenue lead. It's obvious that they haven't been touched in a long time, as a train that layed-up on the two outer "local" tracks would have to go through a myriad of back and forth moves before being put into service, but the last time I've been on the line was in the summer, but it didn't seem like the two inner "express" tracks saw usage either, as it would be easier to lay up a train on those tracks if necessary because there's a diamond corssover between the express tracks just East of Euclid Avenue. To add on, Dave on NYCSubway.org even estimated that the tracks end at approximately Elderts Lane, that's because that's where the cinderblock wall is located at. That's four blocks before 76th Street. So yeah there's something behind that wall but from the looks of how long the Fulton Street Line's sattions are, such as Euclid, chances are there'd be a short segment of tunnel before a station shell. It's pretty positive that the tunnel extends beyond that wall, that wall was put there much later. I think most people accept that the tunnel was built further, just how much and if there is a station is what is the controversy. If there is a long forgotten station anywhere, this is the line it would be. The line was built before World War II from Rockaway Ave to somewhere around here. The full station at Bway Junction was built, and tiled, but it lacked the metal for the rails and signals because of the war effort. The station shells at Liberty, Van Siclen, Shephard and Euclid were also all built before the war, and then construction stopped because of the war. It's not out of the realm of possibility that 76th St's shell was also built when the others were.
  4. Yep, it's sad alright. You have to give the builders credit for planning ahead as they did. It's a shame the proposed lines never came to fruition.
  5. Who's complaining? I'm just stating the facts dude, geez.
  6. I asked an worker (a friend of mines) permission to go to these areas. BTW, these aren't my pictures.
  7. Yeah that was then, when you should of had the chance to watched them at the time when I first posted those vids in the first place! The thread on South 4th Street I started? You mean like this one: South 4th St Station (10 Full Sized Pics)? Well I didn't even started that thread. So what??? You can see pictures of South 4th Street (and the transfer passage) here: HopeTunnel.org, and here: South Fourth Street - The IND Second System South 4th Street was talked about many times on SubTalk/SubChat: NYPD arrested 20 people "Underbelly Project"—abandoned station (S4 St) Interesting Find 76th St Station IND Second System full sized maps posting South 4th Street Tunnel stubs south 4th street SAS station South 4th Street station shell
  8. Sorry, my bad. Good thing I went in there when I had the chance.
  9. You should of read the last sentence of that post then.
  10. Well, it was a mistake. That is just an open space due to that fact that the middle level at 145th Street is a four track line that at the northern end the A-train express tracks are about to start lowering, and that the Concourse tracks are about to start turning toward the Polo Grounds. In addition the Concourse line is a three-track line housed in a structure that also has to accomodate a four track line. If you even cared to read that last sentence of that post, I said : "The so called "bellmouth" N/O 145 St U/L on A-2 track is just a vagary of the construction in that area and was never intended for any expansion use." Thank you, and yes the "These instances does not mean that there was an intention to create a new subway line from that point but simply about fitting the tracks into something like a rectangular box - the structure of the tunnel itself" describes that open space north of 145 St Upper Level on the A2 track.
  11. Ummm, yes I knew that. I did this back in 1994/95. I just forgot to mention when I did it. Not really a big deal now is it?
  12. It wasn't even useless when I posted the videos back in September of last year. If you people even cared to watched these vids at the time I posted them, you wouldn't be calling them "useless".
  13. Ummm, I never even said it was a bellmouth. I said "the so-called bellmouth", because that what many people assume it is. If you read my posts, you would know what I said about that. Of course it not a bellmouth, because the track-side wall at the north end of the 145th Street (Upper level) "moves" away from the tracks inside the station, and continues about 70-90 ft into the tunnel.
  14. True, but I posted these vids to give an hint for those who don't know this, that there is actually an shell station above.
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