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  1. I'm on ur profile

    stalkin ur internetz

  2. They've been there for a while, getting ready for scrapping.
  3. Amelia....I have finally found you after all these years ahahaha

  4. Yes, I agree...if there are programs to help the homeless, maybe the MTA should consider posting advertisements (on the ends of the cars) on the trains to inform these people.
  5. So yesterday I was riding the , Queens bound, (from Brooklyn to Manhattan) and at Jay St-Metro Tech a homeless man gets on the train. The train is crowded and he is walking down the car and goes to hold on to one of the poles. This had to been one of the worst homeless men I gave seen in the system. This guy was not even wearing clothes. He had a blanket or some kind of sack or a tarp wrapped around him, like how you would wrap a blanket around yourself walking around your house. The blanket was a filthy gray color. He was not even wearing shoes, he had like paper bags on his feet. So he gets off at Delancey Street. I was going to Broadway Lafyette. So about a half hour later I head back to Broadway Lafyette to head uptown to 14th street and here is the same homeless guy on the Queens bound platform walking all over, shuffling his feet... Every time I am on the train, there is always a homeless person or somebody asking for money or something... But I feel the amount of Homeless in the subway had become worst now then ever. I feel that the needs to do something about this problem. It makes riders uncomfortable and makes the ride unpleasant due to the odor and unsanitary conditions. I also NEVER sit on the corner end seats of the train because they are usually where the homeless or bums sit. I was wondering how everyone else feels about this issue, and has anybody seen the man I have described running around the F line lately... Thanks, Nicole
  6. DID YOU KNOW....


    I'm BACK!





    (YAY I <3 this Pretty Pink text lol)

  8. lol

    u joined on my bday~~


  9. HEY! Happy bday! best wishes! :)

  10. omg wow i have to go look for the slants on thurs or friday, this is so sad, :cry: the r40s are my fav they are only left on the A?
  11. lol love the pic in the drivers seat! u have to tell me how u got in there! anyways how have u been, long time so see, lol XD

  12. rrrrrrrrr whats the answer already!! i saw u posted this on Facebook as well! x.X
  13. Thank you so much for your photo comments! I also love the R40 slant! its my fav! and yes my name is Nicole! lol :D

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