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  1. <R>Thanks Everybody I made it up to the festival!
  2. (NYCT)Can anyone please tell me when the next BUS fest is coming up because I really would like to fly up from Florida to see it. I heard it was sometime in October. Thanks!
  3. Well, Today I decided to do it all over again This time I brought my mom. When I got to the entrance the 2 security guards stop me and ask me if I have family or work for the MTA. I said the truth , no. And I was told that I could not enter the Rodeao. I pleaded with the guards, stating I did come up yesterday and I had no problem. He then reiterated Sir, this is for family and employees only. Never saw that anywhere, but ok. I said my mom is disabled, she really wants to see the nostalgic buses and could you please make a special exception? They both allowed our entrance, and my mom was able to enjoy looking at all the buses when she was a young girl. Thanks! But is it really true that this was only for employees of MTA and family?
  4. cool, well if you saw the guy with the R train logo t shirt that was me!
  5. HI there, well I made it to this years Rodeo. My first ever, and I was impressed to see all the nostalgic buses, the free food and giveaways they had. It was so good, I am going again tomorrow for another round. :cool:
  6. Can I get any more info of the BUS Rodeo. I am leaving for NY tomorrow from Orlando. Any confirmed times? Do they sell any memorabilia?
  7. Oh ok great Im glad its back! Im definitely gonna go.
  8. Thank you for the info. I had heard that it was cancelled when I went to google it I must have found something else. If its not too much trouble what goes on over there. what time is the event. I cant seem to find any info anywhere about it. I am very excited to see the fishbowls and the flxible buses from the 60s and seventys, Have my camera all ready.
  9. Thank you,Do I need to buy tickets what do I need to do? How much are the tickets
  10. HI everyone, Can someone please tell me if this weekend July 24-26 is hosting the Bus Rodeo at Floyd Bennett field. this would be my first one attending. I live in Orlando and i would like to come up to this event Thanks,
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