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  1. Thanks for the in depth info! I used to work at Fresh Pond and took only the RTS Buses (9206-9216) (9580-9598) so I wasn't aware of the difference! But I've been at Castleton long enough to develop a touch on both pedals to control the bus flawlessly! However, no matter how skilled an operator may be, these problems remain increasingly evident with these particular buses. I simply wanted to spark conversion about these buses, Vent a little & maybe learn somthing, And reading your post I have Thank You Sir!!!
  2. Okay, I see I didn't give enough greivences for these buses, Thanks for the constructive criticism Daimler Buses! The brakes one of my main concerns. Most of all is the Extremely slow acceleration! they jerk on takeoff, and the transmission hangs around 10mph. it stays that way until it shifts around 20mph! So imagine how many green lights these buses miss per trip! This next problems apply to all new buses: The back doors closing! need I say more about that! though to me on these buses the doors take longer. But there is some good: They move decent after 2nd gear (decent not great), Beautiful turing radiuses (Xcelsiors accept 4872 all have short turns at least ones from SI anyway). It may not seem like a valid arguement but as a B/O who drives these buses daily I'm saying they give me a much longer, more stressful day!
  3. As an operator newly transferred to Staten Island I now find that basically all orions after the orion 5's are just awful! I'll give them credit for the NG VII's (3800-4700 etc.) But these 3g VII's (7000-7089) are complete trash!!! out of the 90 buses maybe 10 at the most perform ok (not good but okay). If it's true Yukon is to get these from Castleton I wish i could tell you you're in for something good but yeah, nah! But I love you guys out there enough to tell you please be careful on the brakes matter of fact avoid use of the retarder period till you get used to it. So I was especially excited to find out that Orion buses folded! That's how the order of the 500-600 CNG buses went to New Flyer! No longer will we have to deal with these horrible buses! Even though Orion buses make up I'm sure at least 75-80% of our fleet systemwide here's to hoping 7089 was the last one! I bring this up for fellow SI operators to sound off! Love it, or Hate it?
  4. Awesome pics! Would love to see some of these busses come from yukon other than the Prevost! Yukon's routes are usually longer than Castleton's, they should also have a more diverse local fleet rather than Castleton's old Hybrids!!!
  5. If you don't mind i'll bee happy to answer your questions I also work at MVP in Staten Island! In each vehicle there is a computer called an AVLM and yes each computer is equiped with a gps. It is however better for you to to buy your own because the built in gps is somewhat outdated and at times extremely inaccurate! We are given nextel phones everyday which are basically the same as cb radios. As far as calls are concerned, this is where the AVLM is used, along with functioning as a gps it also displays a list of your calls as well as what time to pick up & drop off! It also lets your dispatcher know were you are so they may add on or remove calls from your route without calling you on the radio! About the most contact you'll have with your dispatcher is letting he or she know you'll be late to a call so they can assign another driver if possible to that call! :tup:
  6. I wonder which Access A Ride company pays the most now? I thought it was RJR but their bid was beat out by MVP, the company I work for now! Does anyone know?
  7. Oh yeah, since you wanna talk about how awesome your specs are. My computer is a Gateway GM5084 (Google it)! I'd tell you the specs myself but other than my 8400GS card it's all fatory parts & settings! so its not worth either of our time! See for yourself but know it can run Windows 7 Ultimate, CBS 2010, & GTA IV w/no problems! So don't act like I don't know what I'm talking about.
  8. Jesus Christ, you must be one of those forum nerds that attack members for trying to help others! WHEN I said do your homework it was in refrence to the post as an example! I wasn't talking about you Genius! I'm only trying to help this guy and you've done nothing but attack me while offering nothing of substance to the conversation yourself! Personally I don't give a flying crap who you are or what you do as I'm sure no one else here does! But all I know is that my machine runs it and I've had it since 2006!!! So don't tell me nothing less than a new machine would work. However, I do agree he does need a new computer as I do too to run it under recommended settings or even better games! Let's not make this personal, but either help this guy or quit wasting my time!
  9. Funny, cause in that post I address the fact my pc runs the game flawless with a Nvidia Geforce 8400GS! Obviously I said you should do your homework before buying any component for your pc. But if his system is that weak than it clearly won't support a newer card. In any case that machine can run the game but the graphics card is not up to par! So have you a suggestion, or did you just join the conversation for the sake of correcting people?
  10. I'm just glad to see SOME diversity in Staten Island's fleet period! Thank god for Yukon for keeping the RTS busses for so long. If left up to Castleton, SI would've been Orion country! Miss the RTS, hope they're not all retired when I start driving. Should'nt be long now;)
  11. Why does everytime Castleton get a new fleet their busses magically appear on Yukon Routes? Same thing happened back in I think 2008 when an Orion VII NG appeared on the s61 right behind the Orion V (same route) I was on! I hope yukon gets the Nova Bus LFS soon, I like the Orion V's but it's been too long & Staten Island has too many!
  12. To whose processsor is 2.70GHz your processor is better than my best machine which only has a 2.4. From what you said your machine seems fine however your graphic card may be the problem! I don't even know how I run it. My machine only has a Nvidia Geforce 8400GS card which is sufficient but, not exactly what the game requires. If you use a laptop that may be a problem, for most laptops have graphic cards built in to the motherboard & cannot be changed.You should look into the Nvidia Geforce 8600gt Graphic Card, make sure you know what Pci slot your compter takes!
  13. Okay, these are the requirements strait from the product site: System Requirements 2.0 GHz Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon MP multicore processor or comparable Windows® Vista / XP, DirectX® 9.0c RAM: Windows® XP 1 GB , Windows® Vista 2 GB Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 86xx or a comparable ATI-Graphics Card Installations-Size: 3.0 GB Please note that our bus simulation will have a low and a high version. You can select the version in the main menu of the game. We suggest the following specs for very good frame rates in the high version: 3.2 GHz Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon MP multicore processor or comparable Microsoft Windows® XP/Vista; 2 GB RAM Free space on hard disk: 3 GB Graphics Card: Nvidia GeForce 9800(GT) or equal ATI I'm sure a lot of you are tired of looking this up or just seeing this for the first time! F.Y.I if you didn't already know, if your pc runs windows 7 (either x64 or x86 versions) you must run as admin or your settings won't stay!
  14. Both games require high end graphic cards, for city bus simulator 2010 I suggest you get a Nvidia 8600 or better or a comparable ATI card. Thats the least it will take as far as graphics! That's why my Vista laptop won't play it but my win7 desktop can. It can be demanding on your computer so a dual core processor at 2.0 GHz or better should be enough!
  15. Welcome to my profile

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