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  1. red6spd, Congrats. The parking is OK at Zerega as long as you get there early. Today was my first day of training the class started at 7:00, I arrived at 6:15 and there was no problem parking.Tomorrow I'm off to Fresh Pond for the rest of mu training.
  2. Hello red6spd, If you already went to Livingston st for your pre-employment and drug screen, they are now going to give you a medical exam. Which will include a hearing test, eye test, weight, blood pressure and a urine test to check if you are diabetic. If you pass all these tests they are going to hire you and hopefully give you a class date. I start training tomorrow at Zerega in the Bronx. I was hired on the 4th of January, Good Luck
  3. latinod, How long into line training do they send you for the DMV test? They only give you one chance to pass the DMV road test? CtaMike, Its for the TA. Thanks Guys....
  4. Hey Guys, I have a question concerning the training and the CDL exam. I start the training for Bus Operator on 1/14. I have my CDL permit. The question I have is: I know that during the class you have yo qualify in either 7 or 10 days to move on. Is this the CDL DMV road test or just something from the MTA.? or do I need to do the CDL DMV road test on my own? or is it given to us during the training? Thanks
  5. Workfor13. I'm list 160 because the first time I was called I differed not to go. I took the drug test on 12/20, and I was called to report for the medical on 12/28. I was probably called first because of my list number. A woman at the MTA told me that there is a class starting on 1/14 and I needed to get my paperwork in order if I wanted to get into that class, I was missing my CDL permit, which I passed the next day.
  6. Thanks Guys. Yes the Medical is for exam 8006. I am list number 160, I differed then decided to reinstate my number. They called me yesterday to come in for the medical on 1/3/13 There is a class starting on 1/14/13, that hopefully I will get in. Thanks again.
  7. Any word of advice for a possible new Bus Operator?
  8. Thanks. What does your weight have to do with driving a bus?
  9. I have been called for the Pre-Hire Medical exam. Does anybody know what this consists of? I have been called to go on 1/3/2013. Thanks
  10. I am in the process of restoring my list number for the B/O test #8006. The list numbers have already passed mine. Can anybody tell me if I would go to the top of the list or I would be at the bottom? Does anybody know if there is a class going on now and how long is the training for? Thanks in advance.
  11. I am number 160 on the 8006. No Call yet.
  12. Does anybody know if the MTA BO salary (starting I believe at $17 per hour) goes up in scale like the Fire or police dept? For example when your on the job for a certain # of years does the salary increase to max pay? If so, do you know the scale on how it is done and the salary?
  13. Locomotion69, i tried to look up what "last eligible certified" means, but cant seem to find the thread. Do you know? or know where I could find what it means?
  14. Hey Guys, I'm #160 on the list. I did not receive any letters or calls.
  15. jr927


    Thanks, Locomotion69
  16. jr927


    Hi, I'm on the list from the 8006 exam. I'm always reading different threads on this site. I'm confused about one thing. I know I need to have a CDL permit before I'm called to training. When and how do I get my CDL license? After the 7 day training period, and if I pass the MTA road test? Or do I need to get it on my own?
  17. Hey, I received my test results too. I marked a 90 on the test and a list # of 160. I'm hoping to go soon.

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