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  1. I understand patience. If it take 3 years to get called, I might be 40 years old to become a TO. I know the MTA doesn't discriminate, but I do feel old. Julio and others on this forum are in their 20s and are very young.
  2. This waiting really sucks. A lot can happen in 1-2 years. I'm not sure I really want to become a TO in 2 years.
  3. How can you check which number has gotten called already? Do they give you a number to call after you get your test score?
  4. Do they hire 250 train operators within 1 year? I know they take 1 year to score the exam. Then they hire from the promo exams. Then they take us (competitive) Lets say someone gets 100% and is less than 100, it will still take 2 years to get called?
  5. I thought I only got 1 wrong. Is it possible that they will allow two answers for 1 question or even throw out a question if it is unfair. There was some question about rules and they gave certain holidays, i.e. Veterans day and memorial day. I got the two mixed up and got that question wrong. I still don't know the dates of these holidays. I mean they are not like Christmas or Thanksgiving, everyone knows those two holidays.
  6. I just checked my answers. I got two wrong. I filed late though. How many people do you expect will get 1 or 2 questions wrong? Is there a lot of people in that category? I guess people with veterans credit will definitely beat me.
  7. I wasn't sure about bringing the train within a certain feet of an object in the yard question. They had to answeres with the same number. One was something like 50ft, 10 ft, 2ft within the door. The other was 50ft, 10 ft, 2ft within the train car. I chose the train car, because in the beginning of the question it worded it train operators have to stop within certain feet of some objects, objects such as train cars. I'm not sure what's the answer.
  8. 1 wrong = 98 2 wrong = 97 3 wrong = 96 4 wrong = 95 5 wrong = 94
  9. It doesn't seem like they have that many trains at that school near 86th st and AVe U. Do you operate a train there? Or are you actually operating somewhere on the system? The class size of the train class is probably 50 people? If they call 250+ people per year,that means they call like 1,250 people over five years. Does that mean only 1250 people score over 94+ on the exam? I guess veterans are lucky since they get to add 10 points to the score.
  10. Another moronic question, my mailman is an idiot and has been misdelivering mail everywhere. What happens if I don't get it, will they send a second letter? Or am I shit out of luck?
  11. Don't you need electrical experience or have graduated from a trade school?
  12. When they call you to become a TO, do they call the phone number you gave them? Do they mail something out to you? I need to know because I don't have an answering machine on my home phone.
  13. crap, I got that labor day holiday question wrong. I got confused with memorial day and veterans day.
  14. If theres a third rail outage and its longer than 30 minutes, you need to put the handbreaks on two cars on each end of the train and an additional hand break on another car, making it 5.
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