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  1. http://www.mta.info/news/stories/?story=1001
  2. Cmon, you know the drill, the Media reports what they are told to report. This guy burned down the cabin just like David Koresh burned down his residence, not the FBI
  3. Not surprised they almost killed 3 innocent people before killing him. Theres no way he would have been kept alive knowing how corrupt they are. He would have uncovered alot of dirt. Others have come foreward as well. http://www.eurweb.com/2013/02/ex-la-cop-brian-bentley-on-dorner-manifesto-not-only-do-i-believe-it-but-i-lived-it/ As a former LAPD officer, Bentley, who is now an author, says that a Dorner-like situation was just a matter of time. “It took longer than I thought it would for something like this to happen.” RELATED: Read the (Full) Christopher Dorner Manifesto In fact, Bentley says that when he was a police officer, there were frequent postings of “look out” bulletins on the walls at police stations featuring officers who’d been terminated and who were believed to have vendettas. “When the Department terminated you, they intentionally tried to ruin your life,” Bentley explains. “That’s how they discredited you. Dorner isn’t the first ex-police officer to have a manifesto or some sort of hit list.”
  4. Its their own fault, they have been playing games with "cloud seeding" to make it rain over there for a long time. Its getting out of hand.
  5. Clicking on Sign out no longer actually signs you out or removes the cookie when using firefox. This issue doesnt occur with Internet Explorer. If I click sign out, it shows as signed out. Then I close the browser and shut my computer off. When I power back on and open up firefox and return to Nyctransitforums.com it shows me as signes in and I dont need to enter my username and password. This only started happening after the site update. I never use the check box that says keep me signed in.
  6. Put the card that has the chip in it, inside of a little rfid blocking wallet, or better yet, take your kid out of that school. In texas they also have RFID chips in their automobile registration stickers and will soon issue new licenses with them. The funny thing is these chips are not encrypted so anyone can walk by you, copy the information without you knowing it and clone your ID and passport or whatever is using the chips. Its like the industry wants this to happen so theres a certain amount of theft or loss until they can justify spending the money on encrypted RFID chips.
  7. I went to Junior High School and HIgh school in the 1990s in NYC where there were one or two armed cops who would occasionally hang out in the school and patrol the outside because so many students had guns, there were shootings, and kids getting kicked out getting caught with guns in school. They would have their girlfriends smuggle the guns in because they would be searched alot but not their girls, or they would hide the guns outside of the school in close proximity to the exits.Kids shot other kids often over beef. This isnt anything foreign to our culture, people just havnt been used to it being so common as it used to be. Wasnt there a good amount of high schools in NYC back then that had metal detectors as well?
  8. I just saw this video, this guy is pretty talented for the amount of detail he put into this!
  9. Or you could opt to have them do the investigation before you are hired.
  10. I like how she is photographed standing there with the picture of her daugher infront of the SUV with a nice little sticker that says her daughters name. She should have a sticker on the part of the bumper that hit the kid with and arrorw pointing to it. Would you sell yours if this SUV was to blame or just keep it for good memories? Nah this bird brained idiot is to blame. Who pulls out without knowing if their kid is in the car or where the kid is standing? This lady disgusts me, and by reading the comments in that article she digusts alot of people because she refuses to take responsibility for her lack of common sense and poor driving skills and point the finger anywhere else.
  11. BTW the Police by law, are not there to protect you. This has been proven in the courts time and again. Their role is to fill out paperwork/ reports and arrest people and fill up the courts. Its up to you to protect yourself and the people around you. You can call 911 all you want but by the time they come, you will already be dead. http://abclocal.go.c...ocal&id=8932866
  12. They are probably waiting to establish future class dates before they call anyone back.
  13. I always give them the O, So they spread the word
  14. It also wasnt reported that the Aurora shooter didnt go to the nearest movie theatres to his house, probably because you could bring your gun in with you, he chose the movie theatre farthest away that doesnt allow guns inside.
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