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  1. Was that actually in service or just a codebreak?
  2. https://www.njtransit.com/sa/sa_servlet.srv?hdnPageAction=ServiceAdjustmentTo&AdjustmentId=19933
  3. That’s what I was thinking, but the person who picked up the phone said “a few years”.
  4. Call 347-643-8230. They answer quicker than the other numbers, at least from my experience. As far as our list numbers, they haven’t called anyone yet and most likely won’t for a few years according to what I was told. So, if you guys have not already obtained them, get your drivers license and/or CDL.
  5. There are more two as I rode the 25 on Friday and spotted many notices about stops being eliminated.
  6. They need to do the same for the 13. There’s a stop almost every block where I use the line. On another note, the service increase on the 107 is definitely welcomed.
  7. Decided to bring this here. Castleton doesn’t need new buses at this time, so they won’t get anything for a while.
  8. It’s only there for training. Still assigned to YU.
  9. Outside of an extreme GO or reroute, very unlikely as the R160s it uses will eventually be retrofitted with CBTC.
  10. Unless it’s extreme emergencies or GOs, most likely not. It wouldn’t make sense as the majority of them run 8-car trains.
  11. I moved to NJ in April. Came from Newark Airport. I’d say it’s about 35~40 minutes. I live on the 13T branch, but the 13V is only two stops from my home stop. On the weekends, I notice that buses don’t tend to bunch, and this is with 15-20 intervals...
  12. Today makes my quickest commute coming home from work which is 32 minutes. Caught the GO28 from EWR and made a perfect connection to the 13.
  13. Just so we’re all on the same page, these are the current two-letter depot codes: Bronx Division: EC, GH, KB, WF, YO Brooklyn Division: EN, FB, FP, GA, JG, UP Manhattan Division: MV, MQ, OF, TU Queens Division: BP, CS, CP, JA, JK, FR, LG, QV, SC Staten Island Division: CA, CH, MA, YU Most of you know these already, but some don’t and it’ll be easier using these when updating rosters.
  14. Many people assume I’m either married or with someone as I’ve received the following from different people: ”It’s a good thing you and your girl moved here.” ”Maybe you and your wife will love this bed.” ”How’s the girlfriend?” I don’t know where everyone gets all that from, but I’ve repeatedly stated that I’m single and not looking for anything with anyone.
  15. The B/O could have been instructed by dispatch to do drop-off only as he might have been running late. I’ve experienced this before.
  16. You’re right. He just means that crews are doing the and crews are doing the .
  17. Correction: The GO begins, 3:45am, Saturday, June 1st.
  18. For the weekends in June so far: No service between 96 and 242 Streets: June 1-3, 15-17 All Downtown service is express from 34 St to Chambers St: June 8 (Sat only) Reduced Service: June 1-2, 8 (Sat only), 15-16 No service between Gun Hill Road and 241 St: June 1-2 No service between Franklin and Flatbush Avs: June 15-17 Service is local between 34 St and Chambers St; Downtown: *May 31- June 3, Uptown: June 14-17 No service between Utica and New Lots Avs: June 8-10 Service is local between 14 St and Brooklyn Bridge: *May 31- June 3, 14-17 Reduced Service: June 1-2, 15-16 All Uptown service is express from 42 to 125 Sts: *June 14-17 Pelham Bay Park bound trains run express in the Bronx: *May 31-June 3 Flushing bound trains run express in Queens: *May 31- June 3 No service between 181 and 207 Sts: *June 7-9 Reduced service: June 8-9 All Manhattan bound service is express in Brooklyn: *June 14-17 Reduced service: June 1-2, 8-9 Service operates via Sea Beach in Brooklyn: *June 7-10 All southbound service runs express from Atlantic Av to 36 St: *May 31-June 3 Operates to 179 St; No service to Jamaica Center: June 8-10 All service is express in Queens; Manhattand bound: June 1-3, Queens bound: June 8-10 Service is local in Queens: June 15-17, 22-24 Church Av bound trains skip Bedford-Nostrand Avs: *June 7-10 No service between Crescent St and Jamaica Center: June 1-2 Reduced service: June 1-2, 8-9 No service between Ditmars Blvd and Queensboro Plaza: June 15-16, 22-23 Reduced service: June 1-2 No service south of 36 St, Brooklyn; No late night service: *May 31-June 3 Service is extended to Jamaica-179 St: June 15-16 (Franklin Ave) No daytime service between Prospect Park and Fulton St: June 1-2 *Begins around 10pm Friday evening
  19. It’s likely due to the switch in The Bronx that weekend.
  20. Speaking of crowded lines, they really need to increase service on the 107 on Sundays. I took it going home yesterday and it was PACKED beyond belief. 60 minute intervals are unacceptable.

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