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  1. http://metrotransitarchives.blogspot.com/2014/10/empire-state-of-mind-bus-subway-edition.html Now that I everything sort of working (thanks to those that helped me in the last post), I can share both photos. So beyond the Q shuttle, I traveled between Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Manhattan. Here is a sample of photos I took with the rest attached to the blog post above. Enjoy!
  2. Thanks. I have photobucket but it wouldn't allow me to post the photos, either by copy and paste or the image icon. That's why I had to settle for the link.
  3. Good evening, everyone A few weeks ago, I made a visit to the city and part of that focus was the Q line shuttle from Prospect Park to Coney Island. Here are a few photos with the rest you can find on my Metro Transit Archives blog. Sit back and enjoy the ride. http://metrotransitarchives.blogspot.com/2014/10/shutttle-shuffle.html *Note: Given this forum has changed since the last time I posted here, I can only show the link to the blog for now. Would someone be nice enough to explain how I can post single shot here again. Thanks.
  4. I didn't know exactly where to put this notice. I am the treasurer of the DMV Mass Transit Museum located in Manassas, Virginia. This Saturday, September 21st, for those attending the WMATA Roadeo in Landover, Maryland, the DMV Mass Transit Museum will host a Bus Excursion and Cookout in nearby Alexandria, Virginia. Recently acquired Alexandria DASH 1996 Gillig Phantom #53 will be used for the excursion. The bus will depart at noon from the Roadeo and travel to the DASH transit yard where we will have a tour of the facility. Afterwards, we will have photo stops along to the way to Gravelly Point park. Once there, we will have a cookout (rain or shine) and then return to the nearest WMATA Metro station to drop people off. The excursion should last about 6 hours. In lieu of tickets, we ask for a donation of $25 to offset costs and aid in the preservation of transit vehicles being stored by the museum. For those who want to attend, all donations can be in cash or through our PayPal account @dmvmtm. Thanks.
  5. This is mind blowing. When I saw the news 10 minutes ago, I had to do a double take. Man, this is almost a bombshell as Orion closing.
  6. The last mile of photography done on my trip was that of Grand Concourse and the Bx-1 and Bx-2. Enjoy! 4718: 4747: 4731: 5810: 5782 and friend: 4718...again: 5647: Bonus...some midtown action: 6138: A gaggle of Orions: 3107: 6049: 3819: 6753:
  7. The next segment was 2 miles between Tremont Park and 167th & Grand Concourse. Enjoy! 5778: 4726: 5572: 5570: Love the cloud banks in this photo of 7806: Already with a dead sign: 4741 in B&W: 288: 273: 7683: Lucky 7s: 7719: 7643 with some really skinny roof numbers:
  8. Next part: Bronx Zoo to 3rd Avenue. 4713: 5480: 4729: 5946 in training mode: 5646: 5939: 5813: A pair of Bx-36s: 7718: 5724: 4758 on the Bx-42...: 5436 needs its signs fixed...:
  9. Since it's the big hotspot as of late, even I made a trip to Fordham Road. Here's what I managed to get: 5937 and Company: 4734: 5755: 4722: Something's missing on 1213...: One of each: Local and SBS: The lowest number 5400 I saw...: Current paint: New Paint:
  10. Next on the list was from the Upper East Side (Starbucks) to 125th in Harlem (Popeyes) 5885: 5530: 5513: 5824: 5531: 6789: Training day: Relief point: 5553: 3389: 3453: 3862: To think a few month ago this was a 1997 Orion V: 5958: 5665: Bonus:
  11. Downtown Brooklyn: 9461 & 4542: 7573: Freshly repainted 3978: Long time since I saw RTSs on the B65...: Good ole' B41: 574: 516: 7570:
  12. The first portion of my 8 mile walk yesterday was from Bed-Stuy to Williamsburg...enjoy!! 9502: 8845: 6597: 9458: 4811, the only 40 footer I photographed: 9238; 8997: 4237: Jackpot!!! 5326: 5329: 5341..is this the highest Novabus LFSA in service??: 5180:
  13. It's been a while since I posted but here are some of the 152 photos I took yesterday in NYC, centering first in Queens: 5912: 5151: 8032: 642: 6017: Mixed bag: 3474...the last one: 8080: 163: 2296: 3162: 532: Rockaway Blvd: 945: 9239:
  14. Very nice photos, Mr. Logan. See you covered a lot of ground doing my favorite type of photography...Route walking
  15. Here are some photos and videos from the delayed 2011 Maryland Transit Administration Bus Roadeo. Enjoy! 1995 Flxible Metro E #9526: Mass Transit Administration 1957 GM TDH-5105 #1909: Baltimore Transit Company 2011 Gillig Hybrid #201: Alexandria DASH 2011 New Flyer XDE40 Xcelsior: WMATA 1999 Orion V 30' #7917: Ex-Fairfax Connector 1987 Flxible Metro B #8960: Ex-WMATA 1947 GM TDH-4507 #1426: Baltimore Transit Company 1997 NABI 416.06 #5328: SEPTA 2011 New Flyer DE40LFR #8462: SEPTA 1975 GM T6H-4523 #251: Ex-Allegany County (MD) Transit Authority: Extra: GM TDH-4905 (Buffalo) Videos: Allegany County (MD) Transit Authority 1975 GM T6H-4523 #251: DD6v71/Allison VH9 Baltimore Transit Company 1947 GM TDH-4507 #1426: DD6-71/Spicer Automatic

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